Davos: The Left Didn’t Eat the Rich. The Rich Ate the Left.

I’ve always considered myself to be centrist or left of center. But what passes for the “left” these days is unrecognizable. Completely changed, altered and unidentifiable.

The left used to be anti war and more allied with working class people. That left is gone. They’ve long changed their ideology to play identity politics and grovel to elitists ideals and goals that cause mass harm to most of the global population. And they’ve moved completely toward authoritarianism. And the acceptance if not the outright submission to those in power is something to be ashamed of ! Sadly, they aren’t.


“When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich,” goes the old Rousseau quote truncated for the placards of the dreadlocked white boys from the early 2000s. Instead, it was the Left that got eaten by the rich, who, between 9/11 and the Great Recession, caught populist-left politicians licking their lips and sharpening their knives. Very quickly, though, “corporate social responsibility” took center stage. Soon after, there were Pride flags on every brand’s logo. This year, there was a humiliatingly tepid showing of “dozens” of left-wing protesters at the WEF’s Davos forum.

More importantly, the Left decided that the world was, in fact, for sale. With great corporate greed came great corporate largesse—which meant a reprieve for those willing to pipe down, and cash for those willing to become complicit in corporate globalism. Despite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes’s (D-NY) left-populist tub-thumping, her “Tax the Rich”—rather than “Eat the Rich”—dress at the 2021 Met Gala was emblematic of her side’s neutering. In just 22 years, we’ve watched the Left go from “targetingMcDonalds, in their own words, to cheering on the corporate giant for refusing to sell Big Macs to hungry Russians.

The sanctions, by the way, are hurting the rest of the globe. The Russian people have been largely insulated from the western imposed sanctions. Again, we see the left championing this massive level of harm. If they don’t champion it they sure don’t complain about it~

This week’s brief detention of right-wing reporter Jack Posobiec in Davos, coupled with its current near-monopoly on anti-globalist rhetoric, reveals how the modern Right is far more potent a threat to the WEF and its interests than the modern Left will be for a long time—if ever again. Too busy enjoying the spoils of their manifold failures, one supposes.

In Melbourne, the Left had GeoCities websites and meeting points for those without cell phones. In just 72 hours, they humiliated local authorities, shone a powerful light on the WEF and bought themselves no small amount of political capital.

If the Right really wants to rein in Western oligarchs, it must learn the right lessons from the populist Left’s failures and refuse to be bought off with political donations, California mansions and government grants. The anti-globalization fight is now the Right’s to lose. If we fail, corporate global leadership—in Schwab’s own words—wins.

Is the right the ‘new left’ in our black is white world? Share some thoughts!

2 replies on “Davos: The Left Didn’t Eat the Rich. The Rich Ate the Left.”

Its still group think. left, right or center.

The people in these groups in the first place doesn’t really have anything else important going on their lives. That is also why they are so ready to act without thinking about it.

This is why, left, right, center, religious or not. It doesn’t matter group think beats them all.

“Its still group think. left, right or center.”

Mostly, yes.

” That is also why they are so ready to act without thinking about it.”
That’s the biggest issue- not thinking about what ever issue one is confronted with.

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