Covid Lockdowns Damaged Toddlers Speech and Motor Skill Development Significantly

For all the Lockdown Lunatics.. And there are far too many of you around. Disgusting creatures really. Cave dwellers. Cowering in the shadows. As society is destroyed by the machinations and manipulations of the powerful. Harsh, but, you are a disgusting lot, truly. You contributed to the harm done to children. To the elderly. To those that lost their jobs. Their lives. Succumbed to despair. What has become of humans? I shudder.

Young children who were left unable to learn communication and play during the pandemic are now faced with a drop in speech and motor skills, experts have warned.

Specialists are now ‘very worried’ about toddlers struggling with understanding how to communicate amid ‘growing lists and waiting times for speech and language therapy’.

Figures show that nearly one in five children are not meeting expected development standards by the time they reach two-and-a-half, making gaps ‘more difficult to close’, the Telegraph reports.

Speaking to the outlet, the chief executive of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) Kamini Gadhok said: ‘Our members tell us that growing lists and waiting times for speech and language therapy are dramatically impacting on their ability to provide the support which children need for the best start in life.’

She added that without timely intervention, young children may be more likely to suffer from behavioural issues or emotional difficulties.

It comes following an influx of worries regarding post-Covid child development.

Researchers recently claimed that infants born during the pandemic aren’t hitting the speech development milestones normal for babies their age.

According to Forbes, two recent studies utilised a new device called a ‘talk pedometer,’ which measures how much verbal interaction young children experience.

We know the pandemic has had a serious negative impact on the academic achievement of school-age children. But recent evidence shows we also need to worry about Covid-era babies and toddlers.

Because of Covid-related disruptions, about a third of early elementary students will likely need intensive support to become proficient readers, according to one study. Now two additional studies suggest that many children born during the pandemic will also be at risk for academic failure. It seems that overburdened parents haven’t been able to engage babies and toddlers in the kind of “conversation” that is crucial for language development—and eventually, for reading.

It sits in a vest worn by babies and toddlers and records the amount of vocalisations – words, babbling, cooing and other noises – a child outputs, as well as the number of words spoken by nearby adults.

Talk pedometers also record the number of conversational turns or ‘brief episodes of back-and-forth dialogue’ the child engages in.

Researchers at LENA, a nonprofit that conducted one of the studies, analyzed talk pedometer recordings obtained from over 600 infants, aged zero to nine months, and determined those born during the pandemic were vocalizing less and experiencing less conversational turns.

A separate Brown University study, utilising the school’s Advanced Baby Imaging Lab – which has tracked over 1,700 families with young children since 2010 – found largely similar results.

The Ivy League’s data revealed just one year into the pandemic, children’s average cognitive performance was at the lowest rate it had been since the study began.

On a personal note- the harm I’ve witnessed personally, the loss due to lock down mania… Still ongoing. Shame on those that pushed for this. Shame.

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The little kids … that’s what’s bothered me the most, Penny. I don’t have to tell you that socialization is everything for a small child. Not being able to see your teacher’s face, nor your friends faces, forced to keep a distance from everyone else, in a constant atmosphere of invisible threat — that’s going to cause a lot of trouble in the future. (Not to mention the eventual effects of the jab.) I’m hoping I won’t live long enough to witness the outcome.

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