US Secretary of Defence Requested a Ceasefire in Ukraine?

3 days ago?

First I’ll re link the post with the TIME report embedded within. This report makes much more sense now, understanding that just prior to it being published the US had made a request to Russia for a ceasefire.

The US and Russia have a deconfliction agreement since the US has troops stationed on the Polish border

On March 1, the US and Russia established a deconfliction line because the two militaries are operating so close together. Some of Russia's strikes in Ukraine were close to the border with Poland where US troops are operating. Similar to the deconfliction mechanism the US and Russia have over Syria, the idea is to avoid any miscalculation or misunderstanding that might lead to an unintentional and dangerous escalation.

This is so obviously a proxy war.

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Hi Penny:

I saw that report about the two Defense Ministers speaking by telephone last week and thought it was highly significant. Nobody wants this war except the miniscule number of PerpZ in the world. The militaries, including the Canadian military, do not want it.

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