Transnistria/ Transdniestra: Predictable

The flashback to the 2015 report from my big tech censored blog was well timed. It seemed something was just over the horizon. I’ll relink the 2015 report at the end of this latest

There have been reports of explosions in Transinistria. Russia has troops and bases there. It doesn’t seem likely to me that they’d need to attack the area to justify any move they may or may not be planning towards the territory. It’s tough to understand the necessity to create a false flag in an area full of Russian people and military. With it’s own independent government already in existence. Thoughts?

A bit of history: RT

Transnistria : Its economic structure was very different from the rest of the republic. Unlike agrarian Moldova, Transnistria was primarily an industrial area. Despite it accounting for just 17 percent of Moldova’s population and very small portion of its territory, by the late Soviet period, its industry provided 40 percent of the republic’s GDP and up to 90 percent of its electricity.

In Transnistria, the majority of the population was made up of Slavs – Russians and Ukrainians. For obvious reasons, Moldovan nationalism, which came with a revival of ties with Romania, did not find any support in Transnistria at all.

Finally, another important detail from 1992…” the Soviet 14th Army was based in Transnistria. Though its complex of military facilities were more akin to giant arsenals than a full-fledged combat-ready contingent, there were enough weapons to arm one. Furthermore, there were many retired officers living in Transnistria who kept in touch with each other and formed a fairly influential ‘corporation’ in the region.

On September 2, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic was already proclaimed at the Congress of deputies of Transnistria. It was headed by an ethnic Russian named Igor Smirnov – the son of a school principal and a journalist, who had worked in industry all his life. Though he had lived in Transnistria only since the 80’s, Smirnov was the director of an electrical plant in Tiraspol and was already well-known in the region.

Transdniestrians were motivated by several considerations. On the one hand, given the newly proclaimed Moldovan government’s clumsy actions and its rhetoric, in particular, people were afraid of discrimination by nationalists. On the other, many people wanted either to preserve the Soviet way and order of life, or vice versa, wanted financial concessions for Moldova’s most economically important region.

The breakaway region of Transnistria said there were explosions on Monday and Tuesday in the security ministry, a military unit and a radio tower belonging to Russia, and called them “terrorist attacks”.

The Kremlin expressed “concern” over the explosions. Russian state news agency RIA Novosti quoted a source in the Transnistria government as saying that attackers had entered from Ukraine.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the world’s largest security body, condemned “all attempts to destabilise (the) situation” in Transnistria and its buffer zone.

Two explosions hit a radio tower re-broadcasting Russian stations near the Ukrainian border early Tuesday, the interior ministry of the breakaway region said.

It also said offices of the state security ministry in the main city Tiraspol were hit by what appeared to be a grenade-launcher attack on Monday evening, a public holiday for Orthodox Easter.

Windows and doors were blown out and smoke was “billowing out of the buildings”, a statement said.

Transnistria’s security council said a military unit had been hit in the village of Parkany near the main city of Tiraspol.

Moldova Places Security Forces on Alert After Blasts in Breakaway State of Transnistria

Moldova said it was placing its security forces on alert Tuesday following a series of explosions in Transnistria, a breakaway pro-Russian enclave that has stirred concern over the role that some 1,500 Russian troops stationed there could play in shoring up Moscow’s military campaign in neighboring Ukraine.

Attacks in pro-Russian breakaway republic risk spillover of the war in neighboring Ukraine

What sparked the tensions was a May 21 vote in Ukraine’s parliament to suspend military co-operation with Russia. That included a 1995 agreement giving Russia military transit rights across Ukraine to reach Transnistria, which borders Ukraine’s Odessa region.

Russian peacekeepers have been deployed in the unrecognised statelet since its brief war for independence from ex-Soviet Moldova in 1992, and Russia has a base there with about 1,350 soldiers and heavy weapons. 

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Fiction Disguised as Science to Promote Hatred

The legacy media has been like pigs at a trough today and yesterday with the publication of an atrocious ‘peer-reviewed’ ‘scientific’ article by Dr. David Fisman, Dr. Ashleigh Tuite, and a graduate student. After all, with raw public health data unable to support the only COVID-19 narrative that has been deemed acceptable, fresh fuel was apparently needed. Lots of media outlets have been reporting on this study; one of them being CTV News. Here is the headline for their article:

“Being with unvaccinated people increases COVID-19 risk for those who are vaccinated: modelling study

Hi Brian: I did read the despicable propaganda from CTV and other agenda pushing outlets about this and now I’ve begun to read the piece from Dr Bridle.
Actually it’s not thinly veiled hate speech. it’s obvious hate speech and the Dr and I are in complete agreement on the reason for this attack
VACCINE FAILURE- 100 percent.
I’m going to finish now, but, wanted to get that stated in a comment.
Privately YaYa and I had exchanged emails and I thought that was reason number one that Fisman wrote that- to give cover for the leaky, toxic vaccines tools like him had pushed as an end to their ‘pandemic’ – always destined to fail- always- by design for proftis

Just a little humour Penny!

Yes, Putin is a fascist. He invoked undemocratic ’emergency act’ to arrest political prisoners and hold them without bail based on lies from his own bought media. He forced workers to get unproven medical injections or lose their jobs despite all science pointing out it was unnecessary. Oh wait, wrong fascist, sorry.

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