More Ukrainian War Crimes


Yes, civilians are dying in Ukraine. Some are undoubtedly caught in crossfire between the two sides. So yes Russian soldiers have killed civilians.

It’s very clear the Ukranazis have used civilians as human shields particularly in Mariupol.

It’s very clear that the Ukrainians soldiers have engaged in tactics guaranteed to increase civilian casualties.

It’s very clear that Ukraine has tens of thousands of mercenaries fighting in the streets of Ukraine. None accountable under the usual rules of engagement. Assuming I’m using the right terminology? Correct me if mistaken?

It’s very clear that Ukrainian forces have committed war crimes, proudly placing the too brutal for me imagery on line.

Human Rights Watch had warned Ukraine about these types of actions previously. That warning has gone unheeded

Human Rights Watch has called on Ukrainian authorities to launch an investigation into possible war crimes following the emergence of video footage that appears to show its soldiers shooting Russian war prisoners in the legs.

The video, which began circulating on March 27, shows three men in fatigues, hands bound behind their backs, thrown to the ground by armed men who then shoot them in the legs.

While the authenticity of the footage could not be independently confirmed, AFP was able to geolocalize it to the village of Mala Rogan outside the northeastern city of Kharkiv, which Ukrainian forces had just recaptured after an offensive.

AFP journalists were able to visit Mala Rogan on March 28 and saw the bodies of two Russian soldiers lying on one of the streets of the village, which was to a large extent destroyed by fighting.

Two other bodies were partially visible under pieces of concrete in a well.

“If confirmed, the beating and shooting of captured combatants in their legs would constitute a war crime,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement late on Thursday.

“Ukraine needs to demonstrate that it is able and willing to prevent and punish serious violations of international humanitarian law,” it added.

Ukraine has not demonstrated an ability or a willingness to prevent and punish serious violations of international law

Today new reports of more war crimes- Ukraine forces kill captured Russians in video

The clip, verified by the New York Times, was filmed north of the village of Dmytrivka, near the town of Bucha.

In the clip, which was posted online on Monday, the Russian soldier is seen with a jacket pulled over his head, apparently wounded but still breathing, the newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“He’s still alive. Film these marauders. Look, he’s still alive. He’s gasping,” a man is heard saying.

A soldier then shoots the man twice. He shoots him a third time after he continues to move. The wounded man then goes still.

Three other soldiers thought to be Russians can be seen dead nearby, one with a head wound and his hands tied behind his back.

The Times reported that the purported Ukrainian soldiers are identifiable by their flag patch and blue armbands. They are heard saying “glory to Ukraine” multiple times.

The dead soldiers are wearing camouflage and white armbands commonly worn by Russian troops. They are lying a few feet from a BMD-2, an infantry fighting vehicle used by the Russian airborne unit, according to the newspaper.

The video was filmed north of the village of Dmytrivka, which is about 11km (seven miles) from Bucha.

Interesting that this most recent execution video proudly promoted by the Ukrainian side appeared on line this past Monday, April 4/22- when all news reports were covering the killings allegedly done by Russian soldiers in Bucha and Irpin. Some of the dead had their hands tied behind their backs, shot in the head. Just like the Russian soldiers in this most recent Ukrainian production.

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Partisans, reprisals, urban warfare. With today’s technology its only worse and bloodier.

Sucks to be Russia and Turkey, they seem to be a bit trapped. Turkish media is reporting that members of the PKK are fighting on the side of the Russians.

But Russia also have presence in area’s where the USA/EU troops removed themselves in Syria. They are covering for the SDF(PKK offshoot) Which is holding up further Turkiye’s push into Syria. Russia can’t mediate with Turkiye with that matter without screwing themselves over. And its clear that Ukraine is using Turkiye to stall Russian operations in Ukraine.

One of the reason I said from the start. Not taking sides in this conflict.

There is definitely more movements going on in the background, but this is at least one of the tangible issues.

Disgusting and reprehensible this entire situation.

“Disgusting and reprehensible this entire situation”

unless cooler heads prevail.
Also it appears to me the US is setting out to destroy the EU and create a level of dependence that will leave residents of the EU is misery.
Some of the news coming out of their is bizarre-

EU is drunk with hypocrisy, entertainment and doubt of tangible identity.

Its own citizenry is not aware of the crimes they are committing(since being democracy and all). Also the media is underreporting the economic consequences of the actions.

The eyes of the EU citizenry is blind to reality and are living in their own perception of the world. Currently they are on a path of self-destruction which they are fully committing towards since they think in their own reality its the path to saving the world.(Yeah yeah yeah I have repeated this many times and I keep doing it I don’t know why; just seems like its worth repeating)

But that is one aspect of the story. I don’t know how much you have been following geert van bosche, but things are not looking well. to see for the full story
But I will also give it short, currently there alot of repeating re-infections in the inoculated. These are currently mild but in the long term it will generate a super variant which will be beyond not pleasant. (paraphrasing). Another substack I started following recently with regards to inoculation

Back to the greater pricture.

For me it looks like the game is rigged so that China comes out on top in the end. Unlike the major regional powers, China is not as facing as many push-backs like others and unlike others also looks like it has solid grasp of its population.

While all the news organs keeps on harping on about economy and all, but in my opinion means of production is just way more important. And that is something China has, and others do not.

Specially with EU cutting off Russia, making Chinese goods even more favorable and the fact that China is increasingly getting more free reign in the South China sea to exploit for resources including gas. And now that the EU will not be taking Russian power-resources . The Russians will make it a priority to supply China with all the cheap, reliable power they will require.

Eu is screwed over more ways than one. The only thing which can make this worse is a bad summer. And how things are currently looking. (And though weather is always hard to predict specially in long timeframes) Things are not looking well…..

And this is why it is important gentle men and woman. To know thyselves where thou stand in the universe and what is expected from thy. Otherwise thy will drown due to the inflexible position manifest of thy illusions, which make you unable to maneuver away from the incoming waves of consequences.

(* A very, very big sigh *)

I did put some space in between the parts. They disappeared -_-.

Its what I get for posting such a long argument.

Hey Kaz:
I think it’s just the number of links that puts the comment in moderation- I’ve noticed once there are two or more links- I have to pass them through -think it’s an anti spam control (for lack of better terminology)

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