Ukraine’s Secret Weapon Against Russia: Foreign Fighters Including In Irpin.

Foreign Volunteers Unofficially Aid Ukrainian Soldiers In Irpin – Local reports reveal how an unknown number of foreign fighters continue to assist Ukrainian troops across Ukraine, including in Irpin, the Kyiv suburb that Ukrainian soldiers successfully defended against Russian forces. Many of those helping Ukrainian soldiers in the suburbs of Kyiv are not officially members of Ukraine’s Foreign Legion.

Irpin is being reported as a massacre site, as well as Bucha.
Besides Irpin, would these foreign fighters have been in Bucha? Does Ukraine have more secret weapons in multiple locations. It seems entirely possible.

Turkey seeks probe into ‘massacres’ in Ukraine’s Bucha, Irpin

Turkey’s Embassy in Kiev has called for an independent investigation into the massacres in Bucha and Irpin provinces of Ukraine.

As Russian Troops Retreat From Irpin And Bucha, More Evidence Of Putin’s War Crimes Emerges

April 3, 2022, has seen reports of egregious crimes being perpetrated in Irpin and Bucha, Ukraine.

Back to 1945:

After Russian soldiers entered the town (Irpin) , Ukrainian soldiers – along with foreign volunteers – engaged the invading troops and pushed them back out.

Fighting ensued between Russian, Ukranians soldiers and their mercenary associates. I can’t imagine civilians were not caught in the crossfire. I also wonder about the mercenary fighters- rules of war don’t generally apply to them.

Ukrainian reporter Illia Ponomarenko wrote on Friday night that the “urban ruins of the Battle of Kyiv contain many secrets” and that with the help of volunteer fighters, the region has not only fought off Russian troops but has maintained a “buzzing underworld.”

The Ukranian reporters says with the help of the mercenaries a “buzzing underworld” has been maintained. What does that mean?

“The variety of foreign legionnaires is wide-ranging – from yesterday’s military elite to untrained dreamers willing to join Ukraine’s much-romanticized fight against the world’s second military,” Ponomarenko writes, adding that volunteer formations maintain a “very equal position” among other fighters.

While more than 20,000 applications were filed from foreign fighters to join Ukraine’s Foreign Legion by mid-March – with applications coming from Britain, Canada, the United States, Georgia, Belarus, and Poland some volunteers have reportedly joined paramilitary formations “beyond the international legion.”

“Some have joined volunteer paramilitary formations beyond the International Legion, like the group lying low among the ruined houses of Irpin,” Ponomarenko explains. “Some, including those who served in the military a long time ago, have had to get used to holding weapons again, or even learning basic fighting skills.

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This is a though situation. Like you said ” I also wonder about the mercenary fighters- rules of war don’t generally apply to them.”

This makes everything more difficult specially for the innocent people who didn’t flee.


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