Sean Penn Smelts & Other Ukraine news

Sean smelt/smelts/smelted Penn- An actor posing as humanitarian. LOL

Influencing the weak minded

Celebrities passing themselves of as humanitarians is always, always, always something to be leery of. As in, run the other way! Bono/Geldoff were two of the biggest celebrity frauds. Think LiveAid and Bono the venture capitalist

Billions of dollars raised for African famine relief by celebrities Bono and Bob Geldof have instead funded civil war across the continent, says terrorism expert Dr Loretta Napoleoni.

That huge amount of aid, which includes money from the United Nations and donations generated by Live Aid for Ethiopia, organised by Geldof, and the Live 8 concert in 2005, organised by Bono, has instead “served as a rogue force, notably as an important form of terrorist financing” in countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. Ethiopia, for example, received $1.8 billion in foreign aid between 1982-85, including a large contribution from Live Aid; $1.6 billion of that, she points out, was spent on buying military equipment.

That is the case in the relationship between Bono and [American economist] Jeffrey Sachs, who is among the people who caused the chaos of the transition of the former communist countries into free-market economics.

I do not believe the narrative of Bono and Geldoff as naive waif like persons. Ditto for Sean Penn. This is a way to make money. This is the way to exploit for future profitable ventures.

Ukraine shows the divide between the west and the rest of the planet

Ukraine crisis is uniting democracies in Europe and Pacific but complicating relationships with China, India and Gulf states

Amid all the green on the UN scoreboard, however, there was also a fair spattering of yellow, 38 abstentions of countries still sitting on the fence in the most recent vote on Thursday. Those include the world’s most populous countries, China and India, representing more than a third of humanity between them

Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy’s question to the European Council about taking sides was directed specifically at Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, whose government voted for a UN resolution deploring the attack on Ukraine, but has been adamantly opposed to energy sanctions, providing arms to Ukraine, or even letting arms supplies cross its territory.

On the UN security council the US and its allies have been especially annoyed at the non-committal role of the United Arab Emirates, normally seen as a reliable US ally in the Middle East. But increasingly the Emiratis’ de facto ruler, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has found common cause with Moscow in opposing radical Islam and democracy in the region. The crown prince of Abu Dhabi has declined calls from Biden and infuriated Washington just over a week ago by inviting the Russian-backed Syrian (leader) dictator, Bashar al-Assad, for a state visit, opening a door out of isolation.

In this looming civilisational contest, the most important swing vote is India, the one major democracy not to oppose the attack.

Not only did the government of Narendra Modi abstain at the UN, failing to even mention Russia in its bland description of the unfolding catastrophe in Ukraine, it is also working towards setting up a rouble-rupee trading mechanism that will help Moscow avoid dollar-oriented sanctions

“I think we would certainly all acknowledge and agree that when it comes to votes at the UN, India’s position on the current crisis has been unsatisfactory, to say the least. But it’s also been totally unsurprising,” Rapp-Hooper said.

China’s abstention is of another kind, one that conceals support rather than reflects ambivalence.

Biden says Putin ‘cannot remain in power’; White House: He didn’t mean regime change

Oh yes he did. As daft as he is he stated the goal exactly. Biden states plainly what has been a goal for years- Overthrowing Putin. Balkanizing Russia

White House official asserted that Biden was “not discussing Putin’s power in Russia or regime change.”

Dmitry Peskov told Reuters: “That’s not for Biden to decide. The president of Russia is elected by Russians.”

The Americans haven’t concerned themselves with that reality. Ever. Others selecting their own leader has been an inconvenient nuisance that can be spun away with just the right propaganda such as R2P. Making mass murder palatable.

Turkey talks with Ukraine and Russia after Ukrainian mines endanger shipping in the Bosphorous

The ministry noted that Ankara held talks with Russia and Ukraine regarding the incident later in the day.The movement of ships through the Bosphorus was temporarily suspended, but resumed later in the day.

In the meantime, reports suggest that another mine has been spotted near the popular tourist destination of Agva.Previously, reports suggested that multiple mines installed by Ukraine in the Black Sea, had left their anchors due to a storm and drifted away, posing a danger to ships in the Turkish straits.

7 replies on “Sean Penn Smelts & Other Ukraine news”

You know, the thought which passed my mind is.

Really are things that bad in the U.S.A that they are trying to keep people occupied with the Ukraine affair and everything surrounding it.

The supply chain shortages that began with the lockdowns have been further exacerbated by the Ukraine fighting. Which worsens everything.
Things are bad here and getting worse, much worse.
The shortages are driving up prices. Prices are driving inflation. Interest rates are rising. Hardship will increase across the board. Instead of engaging in diplomacy regarding Ukraine everything is being done to exacerbate the entire situation- Junta leader Trudeau and his side kick nazi Freeland are doing their worst!
Tack on the carbon taxes and were getting poorer by the day!

Penny, while I understand your frustration.

I am gonna request to not use the word “Junta” that lightly.

Trudeau is in charge like all other incompetent leaders, because the people, citizens prefer to live in an illusion than in the real world.

All the death, destruction and oppression caused by their countries at one point is going to catch up with its citizens. And when that happens, they will be in shock as their illusions can’t veil the truth of the situation any longer. But than it will be too late.

Its maybe a bit too early to call it.

But Gentlemen, Gentlewoman and something. Welcome to the NWO. Enjoy

I understand your point regarding junta.
‘a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force.’

Though the deal between Trudeau and Singh is a complete abuse of the Canadian people- I’ll stay with regime.
But the level of abuse and manipulation is pushing me closer to the idea of junta- because the power sure was not gained through an election. Trudeau couldn’t take a majority in either of the two recent elections (because he is atrocious,deceitful, manipulative, abusive and a con artist)

That seems more like your laws are faulty more than anything else.

Or the department(if you have one) which should keep these abuses in check, doesn’t do its job.

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