New Hampshire Approves Ivermectin for Covid-19: More States to Follow

Pharmacists can dispense Invermectin

Advocates for the standing order legislation said any benefits ivermectin might have are being obscured by the political debate over the drug.

“Because of this politicization, doctors are afraid to prescribe and pharmacies are afraid to dispense,” Cushman said.

Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri. Pennsylvania, Tennessee, etc., set to follow

Ivermectin in Africa and Brazil- Dr John Campbell

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I think we need some more testing on those deadly vaccines. I would love to be wrong. But I am thinking they used DNA in them. Our DNA. Some one prove me wrong. They had loads of time to collect DNA before the so called vaccines hit the market. Now I know why they pushed the PCR testing so hard. I was sure they could use it as a weapon. Now I am really sure.
Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China
Run By U.S. Government
They have a use for all that DNA they collected, with the PCR tests.
Dr. Francis Boyle joins Owen Shroyer live
via Skype to deliver his expert analysis on the U.S.
run biolabs in the Ukraine
and across the world. That is an extremely important video to watch. Be sure to
go to the natural news site for it.
I think the Ukraine connects to the deadly vaccines.

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