America Has Subjugated Europe For It’s “rules based world order”

Quoting Lavrov. Russian Foreign Minister.

The current situation is epochal, and the “battle” is being fought over what the world order will look like, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

This is a fateful, epochal moment in modern history, because it reflects the ‘battle’, in the broadest sense of the word, for what the world order will look like,” the minister said in an interview with RBK television.

Asked why the situation in Ukraine could not be resolved peacefully, the head of Russian diplomacy answered that the reason was “that the West did not want to resolve the situation around Ukraine peacefully.”

The United States does not want the Ukrainian crisis to be resolved, Lavrov said. According to him, “the United States certainly plays a decisive role in defining the position of the Kiev authorities.”

America has subjugated almost all of Europe

The Minister emphasized that the United States of America subjugated almost the whole of Europe. As he says, almost all EU countries, with the exception of France, have already “fallen” under the United States.

“Under the leadership of President Joseph Biden, America has set itself the task of subjugating Europe and achieving its unconditional commitment to American policy. Many years ago, the West stopped using the term‘ international law ’, which is primarily embodied in the UN Charter , and coined the term ‘rules-based world order’. “Those rules were written in a narrow circle, and those who accepted them were encouraged by the West,” Lavrov believes.

According to the Russian minister, Europe is “ready to accept the world order imposed by Washington in any form.”

“The only thing left is the work of Emanuel Macron, who still reminds of the need for strategic autonomy of the European Union.” No one will allow that, and all other EU members have already ‘fallen’ under the Americans, as they say,” Lavrov noted.

Asked to describe current Russian-American relations, the diplomat said he “does not remember such an absolutely furious policy that Washington is now pursuing, which is largely generated in Congress, where they have lost their sense of reality, rejected all conventions, not to mention on diplomatic competence. “

There is hope for a compromise

At the same time, he assessed that the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are not easy, but that there is hope for a compromise. According to him, the business spirit is beginning to be manifested in the negotiations, which gives hope that it is possible to agree on the issue of Ukraine’s neutral status.

“I very much hope that this business spirit will prevail, which is now beginning to manifest itself, not immediately and not easily.” He instills hope that we will be able to agree on that topic, “the Russian minister stressed.

There are concrete formulations in the negotiations with Ukraine that we can agree on, says the head of Russian diplomacy. According to him, the parties are now seriously discussing the neutral status of Ukraine in the negotiations in conjunction with Russia’s security guarantees.

I am focusing on the assessments given by our negotiators, Lavrov said, stating that the negotiators state that negotiations are difficult for understandable reasons and that they should be given the opportunity to work in a more relaxed atmosphere, without hysteria.

“But still, there is some hope of reaching a compromise,” the minister explained.

In this regard, he added that “such an assessment is given by some representatives of the Ukrainian delegation, and that President Vladimir Zelenski himself recently made numerous interesting statements.” In particular, Lavrov reminded that the Ukrainian president assessed the positions of the parties in the negotiations as “more realistic”.

According to the minister, the reaction of NATO, which still has reasonable people, to Zelensky’s appeal for the Alliance to close the skies over Ukraine and fight on its side, brought the Ukrainian leader down to earth.

“We are ready to look for all ways to ensure the security of Ukraine, European countries and, of course, the Russian Federation, except through NATO expansion to the east,” Lavrov explained.

Russia will be ready for contacts with the Ukrainian side in the future, but it is necessary to understand how much additional value such contacts will have, he added.

The head of the Russian diplomacy assessed that there are always chances for peace and resolving the situation around Ukraine, as well as that Switzerland offers its mediation in the crisis between Moscow and Kiev.

Moscow believes that some change in the rhetoric of the Ukrainian authorities is encouraging, as well as that it is possible that some confrontational initiatives have been encouraged from abroad in order for Russia to “get off track”, Lavrov said.

The West is turning the Ukrainians against the Russians

At the same time, he assessed that the West and Ukrainian extremists began to “debilitate” the Ukrainian people and turn them against the Russians.

“I am convinced that most of our citizens have no problems or demands with the Ukrainian people, as the Ukrainian people have never had towards Russia. But they started to ‘debilitate’ the Ukrainian people, we recently invented that verb.” him against the Russians in all possible ways, “the minister emphasized.

Lavrov said that he loves Ukrainian culture, the Ukrainian language and its humor.

“We have never had any pretensions towards the Ukrainian people. I have many Ukrainian friends.” I love Ukrainian culture – that soft Ukrainian language, I love Ukrainian cuisine and their humor, which always contains self-irony and often reveals the cunning inherent in the Ukrainian character, “said the head of Russian diplomacy.

Unprecedented pressure on countries that support Russia

At the same time, the diplomat stated that the countries that support Russia in the situation around Ukraine are under unprecedented pressure.

“There are such countries, and there are many of them. I don’t want to use obscene expressions, but the pressure they came under is not only unprecedented, but I could never have imagined.” I knew that the Americans were ready for many things in order to prevent any positive changes towards a real multipolar world, but that they would do such a dirty job, unworthy of a great power, I could not imagine in a nightmare, “Lavrov emphasized.

According to the diplomat, Washington is putting extreme pressure on China, Turkey and other countries because of Russia. In that regard, he added that “it is even more devastating that such blackmail is used against ancient civilizations such as China, India, Egypt, as well as that the Turks were asked about the S-400 systems.”

He estimated that the role of the dollar would fall, as well as trust in it, due to Washington’s policy. As he says, some countries are already thinking that it might be more convenient for them to trade in yuan, and not in dollars.

“And this process cannot be stopped,” the foreign minister added.

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“I knew that the Americans were ready for many things in order to prevent any positive changes towards a real multipolar world, but that they would do such a dirty job, unworthy of a great power, I could not imagine in a nightmare, “Lavrov emphasized.”

Seriously Lavrov, you gonna come out with that sentence. America is keep doing that until its core rots out. And the more it rots from the inside the more dirty attempts its gonna try.

This course of action looks like it will build the storyline that America is the antagonist in small steps and this will put its main rivals China, Russia(?) more towards the Protagonist role. I put a (?) behind Russia, because with this rate the probability of it becoming an unofficial vassal state of China is increasing.

And before you think that this development is a good thing. It isn’t, the protagonist is the protagonist until the antagonist is beaten. After that it depends on its people. And I have to say the potential of China becoming the antagonist after the current antagonist is beaten is way heavier than not becoming it.

Hi kaz
re lavrov’s statement
He’s correct about the US doing whatever it takes to stay the top dog on the global heap-
He might have been attempting to be diplomatic?
Or perhaps he couldn’t imagine how low the US would go?
(I’m not a mind reader)
Ukraine could have and should have been solved diplomatically , it’s very clear the US wanted no part in this. (Action not reading minds)

Russia will become a little more subordinate to China but I wouldn’t say vassal state. (both nations having nukes)
Canada is a vassal state to the US- that’s accurate- the only nuclear missiles we have access to ‘officially’ are through our NATO partnership

“For its own defence and safety, Canada remains a member of NATO, which has a program for sharing nuclear weapons among member countries without nuclear capability, and Norad (now called the North American Aerospace Defence Command), an alliance with one of the world’s nuclear superpowers.”

Which means we only have them if the US allows for it

From where I stand, Canada is weird.

If have my facts straight. Canada is sort of the broker/middleman between China and U.S.A. And both of them want to have a stronger influence on Canada. If USA doesn’t play along it will lose against China.

Having these nukes in Canada means American personal in Canada and closer lines of communication with the higher staff of the government to push their agenda. With other words, America can’t afford to pull back the nukes from Canada, but neither can Canada really use them.

And with the following I might be in the minority, but Nuclear weapons doesn’t mean squat to me. What leaders of all nations want are worker ants working to the will, enjoyment for themselves. Hell if they also bend the actions of other workers ant the better.

What they don’t want however is losing their worker ants or the system than maintains it, because they don’t want lose their personal playground. Nukes on paper can provide for both, thus its something they will not use.

I agree with that statement, that is why I said. Higher probability, just because its probably doesn’t mean it will happen. And off course there are options between independent nation and vassal state.

And finally. You don’t need to read minds, just reading people, groups of people and council of people is enough to have somewhat accurate speculations of what nations are thinking and how things might proceed.

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