Civilians Exiting Mariupol

Guess the neo nazi thug nationalist crowd have decided to give up their human shields.

Reuters reported:

LVIV, Ukraine, March 15 (Reuters) – About 2,000 cars have been able to leave the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol and a further 2,000 are waiting to leave, the city council said in an online post on Tuesday.

“As of 14:00 (1200 GMT), it is known that 2,000 cars have left Mariupol,” it said.

Battle of Mariupol: Main Nazi forces in residential areas eliminated

Today, DPR forces, with the support of the Russian army, destroyed almost all neo-Nazi firing points in the suburbs of Mariupol, and special forces liquidated the main neo-Nazi forces in residential areas around the perimeter of the city.

► The successful operation to unblock Mariupol enabled the opening of humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave today at 15 pm and the beginning of the mass evacuation of the population that had been held hostage by neo-Nazis for a long time.

► For the evacuation of the inhabitants of Mariupol, four convoys were formed with a total number of 200 buses, of which 50 have already arrived in Mariupol.

All willing residents of Mariupol will be taken to temporary accommodation centers.

► Convoys of cars with humanitarian cargo were sent. The first convoy has already arrived in Mariupol and delivered 450 tons of medicines, basic necessities and food, including baby food.

– SERBIAN info (@srbininfo) March 14, 2022

Reuters report corroborates the evacuation of civilians, without mentioning the thugs in charge.

Readers here are fully aware these disgusting individuals exist. And they terrorize all who do not conform to their tyranny.

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