Johnson & Johnson “regrets” injecting prisoners with asbestos

Surely Johnson and Johnson will come to ‘regret’ the toxic covid injections as well-


The drug company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has expressed regret after court documents unsealed in talcum powder litigation showed that it funded a 1971 study in which Pennsylvania prison inmates, most of them black, were injected subcutaneously with asbestos.

The company paid Albert Kligman, a dermatologist who had recently invented the acne medicine tretinoin, to compare the effects of its talcum based Baby Powder on skin with the effects of chrysotile and tremolite asbestos.

Many of the studies carried out by Kligman at Holmesburg Prison in the 1960s and ’70s are already public knowledge, but J&J’s involvement had gone largely unnoticed.

Ten prisoners were paid as little as $10 to receive injections of talcum and of both types of asbestos in their lower backs to study skin reactions. Chrysotile asbestos, generally recognised as the most dangerous form, …

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Executives at Johnson & Johnson repeatedly discussed their worries about the potential health effects of asbestos contamination of their talcum Baby Powder even as they told regulators and the public that all their tests were finding none.

But J&J ‘regrets’ their human experimentation. As they continued to lie and cover up for decades.


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re: who was experimented on
It makes sense that greater numbers of white people have been experimented on based on population numbers alone.
Additionally white slavery has an entire history that is never mentioned- When I ask why that is? Honestly it’s because white people don’t want to face the reality there is no ‘white privilege’ and they are as enslaved as everyone else.

my grandfather was a ‘home boy’- we don’t talk about that in Canada- he was 8 when the ‘well meaning’ doctor sold him into slavery.
small white children brought from Britain to be slaves- work the fields, live in barns and often times die in those same barns
Our government also doesn’t apologize for it. Won’t apologize for this because they don’t want Canadians to realize that their ancestors were white slaves.
Here in Canada we like to virtue signal about how we helped free the slaves (blacks) As a group we are duped.
Some of us know better.

The news says ‘mostly’ black but that could be 6 to 4- so there were whites involved and don’t want to ignore the fact of them being experimented on.
Human experimentation is immoral no matter the human

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