Technical Pause for Russia/Ukraine Talks

Until tomorrow:

Ukraine, Russia delegations take technical break in talks until March 15 – Podoliak

Clarification of specific definitions- Negotiations continue

Through translate:

A technical pause has been announced until March 15 in the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations to end the war, the negotiation process continues, said adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak. “Negotiations are on a technical break until tomorrow. For additional work in the working groups and clarification of specific definitions. The negotiation process continues,” he wrote on Twitter.

Map from this site for March 13/22

⛔️The environment of Lisichansk and the capital of the Luhansk region (the part that is under the control of Ukraine) of North Donetsk is close to closing.

DNDNA forces are advancing northwest of Volnovakha in the direction of Kurakhovo and Krasnoarmeyskaya (Pokrovsk). The battles for Ugledar begin.

– SERBIAN info (@srbininfo) March 13, 2022

Different from the maps presented by the 5 eyes media. Thoughts?

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