Tamara Lich “Freedom Convoy” Released

Finally. In a decision that was long overdue.


Tamara Lich, a high-profile organizer of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, has been released from jail following a bail review.

An Ontario judge ruled Monday that the previous judge who denied Lich bail made errors in law. The Alberta resident was released on $25,000 in bonds and must leave Ottawa within 24 hours and Ontario within 72 hours.

Made errors in the law? Might the fact that the judge was tied to the Liberal party have anything to do with those errors being made?

Justice John Johnston said in his decision that in denying Lich bail two weeks ago, Justice Julie Bourgeous erred when weighing the seriousness of Lich’s charges by comparing them to the seriousness of the impact of the “Freedom Convoy” and not to other criminal code offences.

Lich, 49, Johnston noted, had lived a “pro-social” life prior to these charges and had no criminal record, suggesting that these factors may be grounds for a lighter sentence.

Johnston was concerned that Lich could spend more time in pre-trial custody than a sentence might deliver.

Lich argued that had she known of Justice Julie Bourgeois’s unsuccessful run as a federal Liberal Party candidate in 2011, she would have asked Bourgeois recuse herself because the “Freedom Convoy” was a protest against the current Liberal government.

Over the weekend, several pro-convoy demonstrators protested outside the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, demanding Lich’s release, as well as the release of other convoy organizers who remain in custody.

Justice Johnson didn’t agree that Justice Julie Bourgeous association with the Liberal party/ government was a factor in her insane decision to leave this woman in custody. I disagree. Completely.

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