Russia Calls for Ceasefire. Zelensky Says “Take to the streets”

As stated yesterday it serves Ukraine to have dead civilians littering the streets. And Zelensky has fueled that fire. Repeatedly.

Important: Protestors shown in the images accompanying the article below are in GEORGIA. Not in Ukraine! Intentionally misleading.

Ukrainians heed Zelensky’s call to ‘take to the streets’ as ceasefire fails on 11th day of war

“Ukrainians in all of our cities that the enemy has entered — go on the offensive! You should take to the streets! You should fight!” President Volodymyr Zelensky urged his people.

Are those the words of a man who wants civilians to be safe? To get to safety? No, they are not!

Russia says Kyiv failed to create the conditions for a humanitarian corridor to succeed by encouraging people to fight. It’s in your face.

Kyiv failed to create conditions for humanitarian corridor: Russia
What is obvious, is in fact plainly obvious! One only has to apply some thinking skills. But for those to blind to see:

Azov Militants Open Fire on Civilians in Mariupol

Azov militants open fire at civilians, Killing Two – U.S. expels Russian UN Permanent Mission Diplomats – Evacuations in Mariupol and Volnovaja proceed with difficulty

March 6 14:00 EST:

Azov militants open fire at civilians, Killing Two

The head of Donetsk People’s Militia, Eduard Basurin stated at a press conference that Azov militants (Ukrainian ultra-right-wing organisation) fired on a column of civilians trying to leave Mariupol along the “gum” corridor, two civilians were killed, four wounded.

Russian authorities accuse Ukraine of using deception to mislead the population about the evacuation.

The second attempt to evacuate the inhabitants of the city of Mariupol, has been interrupted, the Red Cross and the Russian Defence Ministry announced Sunday.

“Amid devastating scenes of human suffering in Mariupol, a second attempt to begin evacuating some 200,000 people from the city was disrupted today,” the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement.

The Russian Defence Ministry for its part accused the Ukrainian side of misleading civilians about the evacuation process while pro-Nazi nationalists fired several shots towards the operation points.

In this regard, Ukraine refused to guarantee the ceasefire in the cities of Mariupol and Volnovaja, said Donetsk militia spokesman Eduard Basurin.

“The Ukrainian side refused to guarantee the regime of silence,” Basurin told Rossiya 24.

Twenty-four hours ago, Russia announced a ceasefire from 07:00 GMT to allow civilians to leave the cities of Mariupol and Volnovaja. The Russian Defence Ministry stressed that the humanitarian corridors and routes were agreed with Ukraine.

The defence ministry later reported that due to Kiev’s lack of interest in prolonging the ceasefire regime, Russia resumed its special operation in Ukraine as of 15:00 GMT on 5 March.

3rd meeting between Russia and Ukraine, tomorrow- Perhaps in Turkey?

Belarus, Turkey try to arrange Russia-Ukraine meeting: Lukashenko

3 replies on “Russia Calls for Ceasefire. Zelensky Says “Take to the streets””

I am calling this entire fiasco “jewish Kabuki”. We are being brainwashed with yet another jewish narrative that I suspect is going to be used to implement the jewish Noahide power grab called The Great Reset.

Hey BMan:
I hope your suspicions are wrong. I hope mine are too. Because, right now, as of this moment…. it’s starting to feel like a much wider war may take place.
The NATO countries have no interest in getting this resolved through diplomacy. Zelensky has to know this.
Russia has tried for yet more civilian passage ways through the only routes that have a chance to get people out (to Russia and Belarus) Ukraine opposes them- Ukraine clearly wants to maximize civilian casualties

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