“Trudeau Must Bear The Blame…”

Going for facts here:

The Prime Minister must accept much of the responsibility for one of the largest police operations in Canadian history, launched Friday, to break up a weeks-long (protest) occupation of Ottawa’s downtown core by protesters.

His divisive actions over the past six months ( years and years) contributed to the mess: the city centre cordoned off by police; Parliament forced to suspend a sitting; the first invocation of the Emergencies Act since it was enacted; dozens of arrests.

This is on him.

Is invoking the Emergencies Act too much? Time will tell

Time has already told us. It was!

Justin Trudeau needs to show he can lead during a crisis

Justin cannot lead- he can only divide and then he true believers follow

This protest, which requires a massive police response to disperse, is uniquely Canadian. Our leaders bear the responsibility for that, Justin Trudeau above all.

Mr. Trudeau won an election too. (though he lost the popular vote, again). But during the campaign, he made vaccine mandates an issue, knowing it would discomfit the Conservatives. Since then, he has called mandate opponents misogynists and racists, a fringe minority with unacceptable views. Those who are demonized demonize back.

Turning opponents of pandemic restrictions into the Other helped Justin Trudeau get re-elected. The (massive protest) occupation is the fallout.

He continues to stoke polarization, even now. In the House this week, Mr. Trudeau accused Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, a descendent of Holocaust survivors, of standing with “people who wave swastikas.” Did he apologize? Are you kidding?

Mr. Trudeau has absolutely no tolerance for anyone who gets in his way. We saw it mere months after he was elected, when the Prime Minister elbowed an NDP MP aside during a dispute on the floor of the House.

He pressed his attorney-general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to intervene in a criminal prosecution. Ms. Wilson-Raybould and another minister ultimately resigned in protest.

He prorogued Parliament rather than face up to questions surrounding his family’s involvement in the WE Charity.

And with tempers and nerves at a breaking point after two years of pandemic, he continues to vilify those who oppose him over mandates, knowing it will embarrass the Conservatives, however much it corrodes public discourse.

The bill’s about to come due for Trudeau’s Liberals, and it won’t be pretty

Pierre Trudeau made many people angry. So did Brian Mulroney. So did Stephen Harper. But none of them caused anger so dark and deep that people drove tractor trailers to Ottawa and parked them in front of Parliament, waving anti-Trudeau flags, with (many tens of thousands perhaps 100,000++?!) others joining them in support.

When the Conservatives criticize Mr. Trudeau for dividing the country with his rhetoric, they are posturing. But on a fundamental level, they are also right.

And when history is documented..

But there will also be a chapter on the protests. Those who admire Mr. Trudeau will find it hard to read.

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The latest strategy, the current ‘swastika’ debacle in parliament is designed to deflect all complicit politicians from being formally labelled Nazi by the general public; they can thus distance themselves from the word Nazi even though many allege they ‘act like’ Nazi’s by avoiding ANY public consultation or ‘allowing’ any protest. It’s currently an informal dictatorship and their agenda is enabled via existing Public Private Partnership deals aka WEF StakeHolder Capitalism to profiteering lackeys.

The whole thing is scripted start to finish, including the trucker Controlled Psyop which IMO is only 25% organic. They knew what we ‘would’ think and social media scanners allows them to confirm what we think at any time. Problem is, they are not sophisticated and their events and even parliament debates look fake when you take a closer look.

It seems that the word Nazi is something they really have a phobia of. Most people probably think of the “Nazi” as being a propaganda driven brainwashed public tacitly agreeing to dictatorship rules allowing persecution of ‘a minority’ opinion. Meanwhile the official narrative is support for minorities, equality and neutrality!!! Absolute inversion. Not sophisticated, just blatant.

Hi Rick:
Interesting take. Don’t agree with all of it, but, it’s yours to have.
The terms ‘nazi’ and ‘swastika’ are hot button words in general- the government has used that terminology in that fashion. To push buttons.

“The whole thing is scripted start to finish, including the trucker Controlled Psyop which IMO is only 25% organic.”

I don’t agree with that. For too many reasons to list

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