Hold the Line: Peckford & Lich Press Conference

I can’t believe it myself, but, it’s yet another report!

hattip GC who had this posted at her site video embedded below

GC: “UPDATED: 4:00 pm PST February 14, 2022. Note at the end of the press conference above CTV asks a lying, provocative question about weapons in the trucks. This is the kind of satanic evil that has typified the mainstream media in Canada literally for years”

As already said it’s been an unbelievable day today in Canada. All this state sponsored terrorism!! It’s hard to believe this is the Canada I was born and raised in. Truly, shocking. While talking with hubby we both in unison decided this day and this situation is surreal. Using just one word to describe this all. Though I could throw the word shocking in for good measure as well.

Below are all the reports posted here today:

And now I’m forcing myself to step away from the computer :))

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