Trudeau Declares War Against Canadians

As mentioned earlier the protests have grown wider and further than anyone had ever imagined. (My opinion) Trudeau wants to make an example of the uppity Canadians to the world. Megalomaniac? Oh yah!

noun: megalomaniac; plural noun: megalomaniacs

  1. a person who is obsessed with their own power.

The Federal Government is preparing to invoke the Emergencies Act.

This was formerly known as the war measures act- Invoked during the FLQ crisis in Canada.

CTV news

“We are prepared to use every tool available to us, including emergency powers and to make sure that we bring every resource of the federal government to bare. This is a critical situation for the country,” Blair said, calling the ongoing anti-mandate and increasingly anti-government protests a “significant national security threat.”

This is clearly about the cross country challenge to government authority due to the massive protests.

Enacting these emergency powers, it requires consultation with the premiers of the impacted provinces followed by a series of other steps.

The Act allows for actions to combat urgent and critical situations that seriously threaten some aspect of Canadians’ lives, and that cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.

The current iteration of the Emergencies Act passed in 1988 and has never been used. The last time these federal emergency powers were invoked under the then- War Measures Act was during the 1970 FLQ October Crisis, when Trudeau’s father was the prime minister.

So you all understand how different the protest movement is from the FLQ situation.. read entirely at the link above. 100’s of bombings. Kidnapping and assassination- Trudeau’s father invoked the war measures act

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