Ottawa and Truckers Make Back Channel Deal


And finally Justin Trudeau is being called out- And, well he should be!

Though I might suggest that the quoted individual is being overly dramatic in light of all the harm that’s been caused country wide these past two years.

“The nightmare in downtown Ottawa must end. The damage being inflicted is beyond anything the occupiers are protesting,” Meehan said on Twitter. “@JustinTrudeau must step up. We need a leader!”

This massive protest movement and all that came of it is due to PM Trudeau’s ARROGANCE AND DISDAIN FOR THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. He certainly showed no desire to COOPERATE with the people of Canada. The same goes for Doug Ford who showed himself to be a liberal toadie, despite leading the Conservative party in Ontario. Coercion was all these two could manage. Same as has been done for the past two years to us all.



The Mayor’s Office told councillors Sunday afternoon that an agreement was reached through “backchannel negotiations” this weekend for vehicles to exit residential streets in the coming days. Watson asked organizers to limit the perimeter of the demonstration to Wellington Street, between Elgin Street and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.

In a letter to Mayor Watson on Saturday, “Freedom Convoy” president Tamara Lich said organizers are working to get “buy in” from the truckers.”

“We have made a plan to consolidate our protest efforts around Parliament Hill,” Lich said, telling Watson the Freedom Convoy Board agreed with his request to reduce pressure on residents and businesses.

“We will be working hard over the next 24 hours to get buy in from the truckers. We hope to start repositioning our trucks on Monday.”

Mayor Watson changed his tune

Watson’s offer to meet with the protesters if they move all the vehicles to Wellington Street is an about-face for the mayor. Last week, he said that he would only meet with the protesters “the minute they clear out the downtown.”

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Some of the readers here may be disappointed with this news? Or not?
I’m thinking about it, bigger picture, and I think this makes the convoy and the mayor of Ottawa appear more willing to coordinate and cooperate. Negotiation was always what the convoy/truckers were looking for.
It’s hard to say for certain because none of us knows every detail of what is occurring, but, from a public relations perspective – this looks like a good move for the city of Ottawa and the convoy.

And Justin Trudeau along with Doug Ford look very bad. If I dare say they both look tyrannical

Share some thoughts?

Thanks BMan- I’ll have a look.
And also add… Trudeau is incredibly shady. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was making money of each shot given. Might even explain his insistence on hanging on to mandates when near everywhere else is letting this stuff go

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