Another state of emergency in Ontario, Canada- Convoy to Paris. Trucks to Edmonton & Toronto. Doxxing Rampant

A round up:

  • The protestors in France are sporting Canadian Flags..

Check the video at NYTimes

Been watching live streams out of Ottawa-
There are plenty to choose from at youtube
: Ottawalks is on right now. TravelFun69. ZOT. ZOKE.

Lots of police on the ground. Lots. Plenty of people too.
The police confiscated the wood the truckers use for their wood fired pizza- Always served fresh, hot and free. A large tent had to be taken down as well- The police surrounded the people to ensure they took down the large tent- think of those ones that you see at outdoor get togethers (open front, covered top and sides) There is always drone surveillance.

I think the tent is back up? Not sure. The party is on! Music and dancing. At 5:50 pm. They have a dj from the sound of it. And there is a whole row of porta-potties.

Ontario declared a ‘state of emergency’ today. I’m in Ontario. So, here we go, again..

Police gather in Windsor

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, meanwhile, has applied for an injunction that would bar protesters from blocking the Ambassador Bridge border crossing. The City of Windsor was granted intervenor status in the application, which is set to be heard on Friday.

Police resources are being poured into Windsor, Ont. to prepare for a potential operation to clear the blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, multiple sources have told Global News.

There are indications the bridge will likely be cleared within the next day, a senior government source added.

The development comes in the wake of Premier Doug Ford declaring a state of emergency in Ontario.

The injunction was granted

Protestors have until 7:00 pm to clear out the Ambassador Bridge- That’s just about 60 minutes away.. We’ll see what’s going to take place?

Justin Trudeau says ‘everything is on the table’ to crack down on Freedom Convoy and promises ‘quick action’ after call with Biden:

Convoy is heading to Toronto

Convoy is heading to Edmonton

Edmonton Police Officer Makes Tearful Video Praising Freedom Convoy

Meanwhile in Ottawa- Day 15 earlier tense, now more festive. The crowd is huge. And it’s pouring rain and windy! There looks to be more people in Ottawa today- As the day goes into night the mood is becoming more festive

Ottawa is after an injunction against trucker convoy- Not sure why they need an injunction when Ottawa has declared a state of emergency?

Those Opposed to Freedom Turning into Vigilantes- Potentially Endangering lives of Truckers and their familiesDoxxing

What these campaigners are engaging in is borderline doxxing: posting a person’s name and other personal information on the internet, which often invites threats to personal and family safety

That can be dangerous, particularly if the internet comes after someone who was misidentified and wrongly accused. It’s also a matter of ethics and intention, says Casey Feisler, an assistant professor of information science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who studies online communities and ethics. Do we want the person who is driving that truck to get fired and not have an income? Does that solve the injustice a person on the internet may feel?

This new form of online activism is making some people do things they wouldn’t normally do, she adds, and many of those involved may not realize in the moment of their anger that this behavior is not only unethical but illegal.

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Canadians can take solace in the fact that it is highly likely this will be the end of the Trudeau government. No way he can win another vote.

I think he needs to hang with the rest of the tyrannical asswipes that have foisted this upon the good Canadian people.

But I hold the American leaders even more responsible since they are the ones that did the gain of function to create the thing.

But I expect even more. Every state leader, ever pharmaceutical company involved, every medical professional who refused to use the known meds and forced the death jabs… ALL OF THEM need to do jail time, lose their livelihood, and be barred from ever practicing again.

Hey BMan
Trudeau is dropping like a boulder in the polls- What we have to watch out for is Nazi Chrystia Freeland taking over- Though often I think she’s already in charge? And Trudeau is the shiny happy sock puppet already

And yes there needs to be many held to account for this mass experiment on humanity. Medical and psychological. It’s only all of us that can make it happen

Hi Ray, thanks for letting me and other readers know.
Hopefully they’ll be back. Almost everyone I started out blogging with back in 08 has been taken down. Frightening

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