Reality Check: It’s Always Been A Class war

Some thoughts on the Trucker Convoy’s success, shared over at Off Guardian

Penny Jan 29, 2022 10:56 PM Reply to  jagat

No apologies needed Jagat. I enjoyed the response entirely 🙂
I’m well and hope you are too?!

Jagat “I’m quite interested in the longer term impact of the trucker convoy since it is given voice to a large population that is typically silenced in Canada. The social media videos are showing a much greater unification across the country regarding resistance and opposition to the various government restrictions and “mandates”. I see it all as quite encouraging as the fog lifts and bloodshot eyes start to see more clearly.”

Was saying to hubby the past couple of days..

1- the truckers were able to unify and pull this off because they are a culture within a culture (they have their own language and ways of communicating- they are more clannish- not in a bad way)

2- they are the last really large segment of what would have been called the ‘working class’ in this country- my husband is a tradesman and at one time they would have been a large segment as well, but, those days are largely gone (huge after ww2 when people from Scotland, England etc, came to work in the booming factories here) So the truckers are the last remaining, large segment of the blue collar worker- and their culture has created a union of drivers- this explains, I think their ability to unify as a movement.

They were bolstered by the undercurrent of anger that been quietly boiling under the surface here for some time now. Which is government overstep.

Their impact, seems to me, will be larger then the Trudeau government is willing to face. Because of the undercurrent created by over reach. Repression. Job losses. Business losses. Despair.
People are more aware and they’re talking. More and more of them.

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It could be for sure.

My suspicion is Trudeau is hunkered down in Ottawa with his PR people trying to figure out how to spin the convoy and all the support, from all the Canadians, all across the country. Not to mention the global outpouring of support.

I watched the blessing this morning- very canadian. very inclusive. Including of our native population.
Mohawk nation has been along for the ride and I’ve seen a ton of Metis flags—
The racist angle is going to fly (Only with the true believers)
And those paid to promote the spin

and lastly the Toronto Star is really extremist.
That’s jumped out at me this past week end.
I used to subscribe years ago, but, haven’t for some time.
Thank goodness!
People who pay for that should not. Garbage. Absolute garbage.

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