Calmer in Kazakhstan- Opposition Banker aka Leader Calls for Western Involvement

Everywhere one looks- bankers lurk. Private banksters posing as freedom and justice bringers. Strange..


Mukhtar Ablyazov, a former banker and government minister who is leader of an opposition movement called Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, said the West needed to enter the fray.

“Former banker” leading a movement for Democratic Choice..That seems antithetical. Bankers are concerned with extracting wealth from the masses- Hardly a democratic proposition- Except for the banker. Kind of like promising freedom but actually providing slavery with vaccine passports

“If not, then Kazakhstan will turn into Belarus and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will methodically impose his programme – the recreation of a structure like the Soviet Union,” Ablyazov told Reuters in Russian from Paris. “The West should tear Kazakhstan away from Russia.”

Tear Kazakhstan away- that reads like a call to violence.

Peacekeepers take control over Almaty airport – Russian Defense Ministry

MOSCOW, January 7. /TASS/. Peacekeepers acting with Kazakhstan’s law enforcement forces took control over the Almaty airport, Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, told reporters.

“The Almaty airport has now been taken under full control in a joint effort with Kazakhstan Republic’s law enforcement agencies,” he said.


So far no impact on silk road train services- which would serve to further increase economic hardship on Kazkhstan has been informed by various sources that China-Europe trains in transit are not affected at the moment. In contrast, “trucking through the Almaty Oblast ring road is not so smooth,” explained Erkinbek Sansyzbay, advisor to the president of the International Union of Land Carriers of Kazakhstan. In addition, the GPS in the containers will be affected due to the disconnection of the internet network in the country.”

Fallout for Turkey and Erdogan?

When one considers how long interested parties have been meddling in Turkey, perhaps this is a desired outcome for some? On the other hand if there is some type of unity or understanding between Kazakhstan and Turkey this could explain why Turkey was thanked by Kazakhstan’s leadership for their support?

Interesting as well that Gulen’s name came up quite a bit in reports regarding the situation in Kazakhstan- Gulen = CIA

Interesting too that way back Kazakhstan made a concerted effort to shut Gulen’s terror schools down in solidarity with Turkey- after the western backed coup attempt

From 2017

Yakub Doganai came to Kazakhstan from his native Turkey 18 years ago to work as a teacher at a private school in the capital, Almaty. (note the location?)

Amid an atmosphere of fear, suspected sympathizers or supporters of the U.S.-based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen have been singled out in what critics liken to a witch hunt.

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good piece. right to the end.
The situation definitely had the provocation feel to it. It isn’t over. Not unless a house cleaning takes place. It would be good to get whatever Armenian troops present there out of the country as well. Armenia cannot be trusted at all.

“The first source was explicit: the whole Kazakh adventure is being sponsored by MI6 to create a new Maidan right before the Russia/US-NATO talks in Geneva and Brussels next week, to prevent any kind of agreement. Significantly, the “rebels” maintained their national coordination even after the internet was disconnected.

The second source is more nuanced: the usual suspects are trying to force Russia to back down against the collective West by creating a major distraction in their Eastern front, as part of a rolling strategy of chaos all along Russia’s borders. That may be a clever diversionary tactic, but Russian military intel is watching. Closely. And for the sake of the usual suspects, this better may not be interpreted – ominously – as a war provocation.”

Hey Kaz:
I did see there were elements of medical freedom protests mixed in to the reason for these protests- But we’ve seen medical freedom protests all over the place and they don’t include the taking of airports and beheadings- However that type of protest can always be hijacked. I can see that occurring, for sure.

will read your link and thanks for leaving it too

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