Kyle Rittenhouse: Media Mind Control Made Obvious

Felt the need to write something about this incident.
Did you believe that Mr Rittenhouse shot persons of colour? (Black)
If you did you’ve been duped by the media
Did you believe that Mr Rittenhouse was a “vigilante”?
If you did you’ve been duped by the always massaging your mind media
Did you believe that Mr Rittenhouse was demonstrating some “white privilege”, the toxic stereotype the media just loves promoting?
If you did you are completely, hopelessly brainwashed and desperately need to take back your power by taking back your mind.

International media falsely report that Rittenhouse shot three black men

The Independent wrote that Rittenhouse was “cleared of murder after shooting dead two Black Lives Matters protestors,” and that the “Teenager who shot three black men with rifle found not guilty on all charges.”

The largest media outlets in Brazil this week had to retract their articles on the Rittenhouse case because they claimed it was a case of a white youth having shot and killed two black men. They got this from the US media, which deliberately cultivated this false narrative.— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 19, 2021

Glenn Greenwald pointing out the false narrative?!

Kyle Rittenhouse and the hysteria of the elites

Under extraordinary pressure, the jurors showed us the quiet wisdom of the people.

America’s liberal elites are broken. They are now totally deranged and detached from reality. That’s become brutally clear in the past 24 hours. While we all knew it was coming, the collective media and political meltdown over the acquittal of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has revealed a ruling class so warped, so unprincipled, so governed by partisan prejudice, that it essentially lives in a parallel universe.

Yesterday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of homicide and attempted homicide over his shooting of three men, two of whom he killed, amid riots in the city on the night of 25 August 2020.

That night Rittenhouse was guarding local businesses, armed with a rifle, along with a few others. Kenosha had descended into chaos after police lost control of the streets. This painfully naive teenager seemed to fancy himself as some plucky keeper of the peace. Footage shows him wandering around offering medical assistance and trying to put out fires

That night was a tragedy that should never have occurred.

Politicians should have focused on keeping order rather than pretending, along with the media, that the lawlessness that was spreading across the US was the righteous anger of the oppressed.

But anyone who watched the footage from that night could see the defence had a case.

The first man Rittenhouse shot and killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, chased Rittenhouse and tried to grab his gun. The second, Anthony Huber, hit him with a skateboard after he had fallen to the ground. The third, Gaige Grosskreutz, who survived, was aiming his pistol at Rittenhouse’s head when Rittenhouse fired. Grosskreutz admitted as much on the stand this week, bringing the prosecution crashing down.

As the trial wore on, it became all the more clear that the narrative cast about Rittenhouse and that night last August was utterly false

For much of the American elite, the Rittenhouse trial was not about proving him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It wasn’t about trying to uncover the truth of what happened that awful night. It was another showdown in some fantasy battle against white supremacy that exists entirely in their imaginations. The jurors were being called on not to weigh the evidence and testimony, but to deliver the ‘right’ verdict and so strike a blow against evil.

The weight of all this on the men and women of the jury must have been immense. According to the New York Times, jurors thanked sheriff’s deputies yesterday for putting up a folding screen that blocked them from public view. ‘It helps calm my nerves’, one said. The ‘media coverage is insane’, said another.

This point was echoed by the judge, Bruce Schroeder, who blasted the media as ‘grossly irresponsible’. He said he’d think twice about televising trials such as this again. On Thursday, he banned MSNBC from the courthouse for the remainder of the trial, after police caught one of its freelancers following the bus that was transporting the jurors. Police believe he was trying to photograph them. The jurors were supposed to be anonymous by order of the court, such was the pressure heaped on them and the potential for reprisals.

In the face of all of this, these 12 men and women did what corporate media and many politicians fundamentally failed to do throughout the Kyle Rittenhouse saga: focus on the facts rather than the narrative. Gun-toting teenagers won’t protect America from the hysteria that is ripping it apart. But the quiet wisdom of ordinary people just might.

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Was there a there there to rally around?
I live in the Netherlands, and as we all know the BLM model
has been carried over to most NATO allied countries.
Soros and the Blackrock/Vanguard affiliated corporations
sponsor/promote the gatherings.

What did it accomplish? What it’s funders aimed for would be
the obvious answer.
This trial also serves these dark (heh) actors, providing
those who stood/stand aside with enthusiasm/motivation
to engage.

The media is poison. The grift is on, the fraud is immense.
(meaning these vaccines as a product are shite and unfit
ass a medical treatment/therapeutic)

Kyle Rittenhouse is like C&W linedancing to me.
But I am dutch so that is my excuse. =)

The earlier answer is my arrogance running my mouth.
I was (am) rooting for young Rittenhouse but for minor details.

How much weapons training did he get?
Why no posts/waypoints to fall back on? Was he not part of
a company of similar minded willing and able patriots?
There was no police, no help from that side to be had
so the fleeing towards a police station sounds unlikely.

That is if we accept the narrative as represented by the videos.

Greetings from Amsterdam, Mishko_

Rittenhouse is ostensibly innocent, he was in the right and not guilty… However, all 3 of Kyle Rittenhouse’s “victims” were Jewish (Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz). The first question which comes to mind is why hasn’t the media called him a Jew killer? A little spray paint on a synagogue and it’s an international media sensation, yet they have nothing to say about this alleged white supremacist when 3 out of 3 of his victims are tribe members (they deny this, but only by describing one as “not from a family of practicing Jews”).
How was he able to approach the police with his hand on the rifle slung over his shoulder while eliciting zero concern on their part…? As you probably know, cops here don’t mess around. Their policy is the officer goes home at night, they don’t take any chances, and they shoot to kill.
I think the answer is here: The first head of the US mint was a Rittenhouse. “The Rittenhouses are a prominent Jewish family with along history of wealth and influence. Chicago lumber magnate Moses Rittenhouse and his nephew, same name, who made a mint in orchard sprayers. Kyle Rittenhouse is from Antioch, IL, same place as the grandsons of Moses Rittenhouse. Another shooter in the fake melee was Joshua Ziminski.”
“the Rittenhouses were a prominent Pennsylvania family who became very wealthy running the country’s first paper mill. Anyone familiar with the city of Philadelphia will have heard of Rittenhouse Square. Stephen King isn’t far removed from these Rittenhouses; his great-grandfather was David Rittenhouse Pollock.”
Why was an assistant DA chosen to lead such a prominent case? Why is the assistant DA 45 years old? “He is listed as 51 at Instantcheckmate (not 45), while assistant DA is normally filled by much younger people. You would expect someone about 30. Lawyers do not consider assistant DA to be a prestigious job. His bio makes no sense, since we are told he worked with a private firm for nine years before joining the DA’s office in 2014, at age 44. He has been at that job for seven years, but never got promoted to DA?So why was he picked to lead this important prosecution? Would you expect a nationally televised show trial to be led by an assistant DA? Did the Kenosha district attorney have something more important to do? We find an answer to all that here: he was in the military for at least seven years.”
A last look at the cast of characters- Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum, Huber, Grosskreutz, (judge) Schroeder, Ziminski, (and possibly ADA Binger).
It could just all be a coincidence, you have to judge for yourself, but the situation in Kenosha that night was most definitely being managed by handlers. This person lays out the case for Kyle “Is Kyle Rittenhouse A Hero?
Or Just A Pawn In A Bigger Game? ”

Hey WS:
I did go and read the last linked article.

“Is Rittenhouse a pawn who has been thrust into the limelight by those who pull the strings of the American public, pushing them further apart and nudging them closer to civil war? ”

I can agree with that. Which is why I focused on the media presentation of this individual. It was, as usual, out of touch with the reality.

Hi Mishko

I took the time to go back and read some of the older news article regarding Mr Rittenhouse- he was definitely presented as guilty in the media prior to his trial (trial by media)
Which is always used to influence popular opinion. Particularly, (but not only) those predisposed to believing certain, specific, previously presented narratives.

I rely on the media, from everywhere, for information and generally yes it is poison. Because you can see as a matter of fact how a common narrative is presented and repeated BUT if one takes the time to look a little deeper or use different resources then say the big msm outlets and certain alt ones..
we can then discern a different reality. It’s there. One has to go deeper then superficiality.

And I get the line dancing concept..

All the facts about this case were accessible within hours of the incident. I remember that the 4chan/pol and several twitter like Andy Ngo had almost all the videos and names with history the day of the riots.

Thanks for the comment gallier2

I was unaware of all that. Did see some imagery and videos but nothing to extensive. As usual more reading then anything else.
What did you think of this incident. ?
And about what occurred afterwards- the just released criminal plowing through the parade? I don’t think that was accidental.

Sorry for the late response. I do not follow stuff as thoroughly than I used to.
I almost got the Rittenhouse case in real time when it happened. Videos appeared quickly on twitter and as said above the case for self defense was obvious from the start. We watched the videos and were speculating what that white thing was that Rosenbaum threw at Kyle. Many, me included, thought that it was a Molotov cocktail of some sort at the beginnning, but other angles then showed something floppy. The 3 guys shot were identified within few hours including their fellonious history.
From there it was clear what it was and every news about it coming was bad. Robert Barnes and Vivafrei were reporting on it early on and also clarified a lot on the representation problem, etc.
It was obvious that the deep state would try to corrupt the process and try to misrepresent it but I was still surprized (and that after all this time as a consiracy nut ;=) ) how much the media was lying about.

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