Healthy 58 Yr Old, Fully Vaxxed, Dies of Covid; Sweden 7 in 10 Covid Deaths Fully Vaxxed


A fully vaccinated 58-year-old man in Palm Beach, Florida has died following a breakthrough COVID-19 infection. He had received the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Vincent Konidare was a father of two who was vaccinated against COVID-19 and proudly sent a photo of his vaccine card to a longtime friend on March 24 but was diagnosed with the disease on August 2
.He was admitted to hospital at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center eight days later and passed away on September 19, with COVID-19 pneumonia being listed as Konidare’s primary cause of death.

Figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the fully vaccinated accounted for 16 percent of COVID deaths between mid-June and mid-July this year.

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The Swedish Public Health Agency reported that between 1-24 September 7 out of 10 COVID-related deaths were fully vaccinated individuals.

Vaccine efficacy that never existed as claimed?
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“”The mRNA vaccines are fantastic in that they could be developed so quickly and they reduce the risk of serious illness significantly. However, they don’t produce as high antibody levels as protein-based vaccines. The higher the antibody concentration in the blood after vaccination, the more robust and lasting the protection will be”, Karlsson Hedestam said.”

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