Likud MP: Health Ministry is inciting against the unvaccinated

Israeli National News

Inciting against the unvaccinated… Inciting hatred, rage and retribution.. This MK has not lost his mind- he is seeing things for how they are. This same type of incitement is happening in Canada.

“A Likud MK excoriated Israel’s Health Ministry Wednesday, accusing it of inciting against the unvaccinated.

MK Gadi Yevarkan slammed Health Ministry efforts to pressure the unvaccinated into getting the coronavirus jab, calling the campaign ‘incitement’ against unvaccinated Israelis, and warned that the campaign could result in violence.

“What the Health Ministry is doing against the unvaccinated is horrible incitement, people are going to be murdered,” said Yevarkan.

We need to let those who are unvaccinated live like human beings. We can’t treat them like pariahs.”

Yevarkan, who was infected with the coronavirus and later received a single dose of the coronavirus vaccine, as per Health Ministry protocols at the time, warned that he may defy the government vaccine mandate for the second and third doses.

“I myself, because of this, am on the verge of not getting the second and third doses of the vaccine, after having recovered.”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) blasted Yevarkan Wednesday, calling him “irresponsible”.

“Someone as irresponsible as you should sit quietly, you’ve lost your mind.”

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