Protecting the Community Standards?

Was thinking about the idea of “violating community standards”..

What are community standards? How are they defined? Who defines them?

It seems to me, these days community standards are set pretty low.

In the real space, we have gambling, everywhere. Drug use and addiction soaring. The drug addicted wandering the streets. ‘Massage parlours’ operating. Prostitution openly conducted. Homelessness. Everywhere. Rampant unemployment. Generally speaking, just in my lifetime, community standards which generally indicated decency, morality, the lifting of the well being of humanity. Including the ability to have a meaningful life. The community standards have fallen to the ground. After which these positive life affirming community standards then dug a hole and buried themselves.

In the online “community” it’s pretty much the same! Perhaps a little bit worse, still.

Considering these realities what could ‘violating community standards’ actually signify? What does it actually mean to have this charge lobbed at you?

Quite obviously, or at least it should be obvious, violating community standards is double speak for daring to question the spoon fed reality. Violating community standards is also challenging for ingsoc. Violating community standards implies one has contradicted newspeak. Violating community standards means one has dared to ask relevant questions. And, shown a propensity towards thinking for oneself. While participating in discourse with others willing to do the same.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Keep your mind intact. Keep your power.

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