B movie Hero’s Journey & Jan 6 Coup Attempt

The Jan 6 “attack” on the US Capital was like or should be likened to the worse b movie one could ever have to suffer through.. “A B-movie is produced quickly and cheaply and is often considered to have little artistic value.” While lacking in artistic value the Jan 6 coup- B movie had great propaganda value. Particularly for those who already had predetermined or pre conceived beliefs (indoctrinated)

Meant to get around to this.. FBI finds scant evidence capital “attack” was coordinated.

The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials

Absolutely not a surprise to me. Couldn’t possibly come as a surprise to anyone who has any sort of real capability to think, for oneself.

January 7/21 I wrote this at my former place of blog residence
President Elect Joe Biden: The Hero’s Journey. An Epic Tale- Wayback link

The narrative rolled out at that time:

“Oh really? Wow. That’s a threatening mob. Right? But have no fear, this adversity will be overcome. Light will shine through the darkness

Joe Biden and his ‘righteous’ caring, humanitarian do gooders have endured such trials and tribulations, at the hands of Trump and his crew of ‘deplorables’. Good vs Evil.

Until finally, after overcoming this, the last ordeal, Joe Biden, hero, has taken his sword, his reward, his exalted position. And is set to become the next President!

And the Hero’s Journey has come to it’s rightful end. Yup, and then the angels sang.

Cui Bono? No one but the Biden camp benefited from that dog and pony show yesterday.

Loved the “shaman” in attendance. Nothing says magic ritual like a shaman figure.

Was I the only one who noticed the common trope playing out in real time? There are a myriad of variations within the theme, but, the theme was unmistakable. At least, in my opinion.”

image here

pay attention to me- keep cameras focused on central comic figure- absurd theater

Unfortunately this follow up report was not archived at the wayback

Have no fear– that post linked directly to an article from Toronto Star
Proud Boys leader was government informant, records show
Would you have expected anything else? Really?

To conclude: the FBI finding no evidence of any organized plot is expected.

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