Perspectives on Pandemic 18: Mark Crispin Miller

This video really hit home!

“One of the things that Covid rollout has done, is create a whole new category of forbidden speech…if you’re not completely credulous then you’re somehow “putting people at risk”.

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Thanks so much Corrine!
Someone tipped me off to feedly as well, but, I know nothing of this place
When I figure this out, I’m going to relink all my fave bloggers..
Meanwhile I’m saving the link!

Hi Penny, I’m so glad you hit the ground running, and I hope everyone finds their way to your new joint. You’re my first stop every day.

Here’s part 1
and part 2
“A Propaganda Masterpiece Divide Conquer Mark Crispin Miller”
“Academic Censorship- interview with Mark Crispin Miller”

Hi WaffleStaffel!
Glad you found me 🙂
And thank YOU so much for all the links!!
If you can help others find there way back, could you?
Can you?
I’d appreciate that so very much

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