Niagara Falls airbase troops leave Niger; U.S. pulls out following military coup

Just across the river. That would be the Niagara River.

The airbase is in Niagara Falls, New York- I so often see planes flying to and from that base.

A final pullout of U.S. troops and most equipment should be completed in August, according to the Pentagon.

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I’m sure that the people of Niger are saying “Good Riddance” to the Yankee imperialists. Now the New York National Guard can resume their role guarding the northern border to prevent aggressive Canadian tourism and their Reaper drones can rest easy and continue their monitoring of any radical developments at the Shaw Festival and fancy coffee shops

Good one, Mark. I have nothing to say after that, except big thanks to Penny for posting the article.

Hey Mark and Corrine!
That news report shows how connected my neck of the woods is to the wider world- Though it’s in the US.
Yes, the drones can guard the denizens of Niagara on the Lake- including the fancy coffee shops and the shaw festival

We used to go to Niagara on the Lake every once in a while- there was a shop that had a small restaurant in the back we enjoyed as well as one coffee shop in particular. I do love coffee made from freshly ground beans- but it’s been years. After the covid discrimination and the big price increases, well, we aren’t tourists so that ended- I still like the walk along the river/pkwy- that’s a great place to walk. But not during tourist season
And Corrine, your welcome!

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