Revealed: the tech entrepreneur behind a pro-Israel hate network

I’ve seen this outfit on X- They identify targets and have them attacked in some manner, and worse.- The Guardian

A prime mover behind the Shirion Collective, a conspiracy-minded, pro-Israel disinformation network seeking to shape public opinion about the Gaza conflict in the US, Australia and the UK, is a tech entrepreneur named Daniel Linden living in Florida who co-wrote a guidebook for OnlyFans users, the Guardian can reveal.

Shirion has harassed pro-Palestinian activists, including many Jews, offered bounties for the identity of pro-Palestinian protesters, spread conspiracy narratives centered on figures like George Soros, and boasted of an AI-surveillance platform but offered few concrete details of how the technology functions.

Heidi Beirich, co-founder and chief strategy officer at the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, said of Linden’s Shirion campaigning that his apparent “grifting” is common among extremists, “but his ideology seems very confused”.

Tommy Robinson is another grifter– recently detained while having the good fortune of Rebel News present and there to spread the narrative

Robinson, who has criminal convictions in
his past for assault, mortgage fraud and attempting to gain entry in the United States using his friend’s passport
, stepped off a plane Saturday afternoon after getting the news he can continue his visit in Canada.He was given his passport back and while the CBSA said it does not comment on individual cases, it has been confirmed Robinson has a flight booked to return to England once his Toronto commitments have been met.

Back to Shirion

The revelations shed light on the nature of Shirion, which has been criticized in the US congress and attracted media attention around the world, and its role in pushing back against criticisms of Israel’s conduct in its invasion of Gaza.

‘Surveillance network’

The Shirion Collective is an online operation that since late 2023 has appeared on platforms including X, Telegram and GoFundMe to coordinate the spread of pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian propaganda, and the harassment of pro-Palestinian protesters in the west.

By 3 December, Shirion was offering a $500 reward, later bumped up to $1,500, for the identity of protesters Shirion claimed were engaged in “genocidal chanting”.

In succeeding months, Shirion has posted dozens of bounty offers and also has claimed to have paid out to people who have allowed them to identify their perceived opponents.

As recently as 19 June, it claimed in a post to have paid out $1,000 for the identity of a protester who was the subject of a bounty on 4 June.

Hate and disinformation

Beyond the bounty program, Shirion voices or boosts Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hate, while celebrating death and destruction in Gaza, and violence against their supporters in the west.

Shirion has repeatedly celebrated the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza, including Palestinian journalists and children.

Read the rest at the link- This divisiveness will make matters worse. For all of us

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With this topic you have forced me into self censorship…this is my third attempt at a comment…the others I have rejected for strong language.

The odious hate mongering internet tough talk of Zionist trolls is evidence of the indoctrination of an all pervasive sense of exceptionalism. It shows the powerful mass psychotic effect of applied social propaganda. Guaranteed that this literary bluster and courage would not be backed up in any face to face meeting. The internet provides an element of safety for bigots and bullies, but the kind of hate speech spewed by some Zionists even at the highest government levels eventually ensures costly blow back.

What cannot be lost in all this is that many, many Jewish people have not been deluded by such indoctrination and they remain like most people on earth, balanced, empathetic… essentially good people. Individual humans cannot be blamed for the faults of some in their demographic group, just as we can’t be blamed for the sins of our fathers.

“Individual humans cannot be blamed for the faults of some in their demographic group, just as we can’t be blamed for the sins of our fathers.”
1 million percent agreed!!!!!

Did you read the Ilan Pappe interview? He speaks specifically about the level of indoctrination that has been weaponized against us all- Some believe because they want to, it feeds their own bias

Quoting Ilan Pappe- “But it cannot work, it is a manipulation of memory. The Holocaust memory in Israel is manipulated, first and foremost, to justify brutal policies against the Palestinians.”

I think the manipulation of minds is my first/foremost reason for continuing to maintain my site, at my own expense after the google debacle, which only served to reinforce the fact of the problem you mention here,yes, it really exists! “It shows the powerful mass psychotic effect of applied social propaganda.”
The mass psychotic affect applied via social propaganda or social engineering is vastly more influential and can lead to a mass psychosis- we saw this explicitly with covid- where a mass psychosis was formed. We see this again with Israel and it’s supporters (not all but some, many who are not Jewish)
It’s concerning because it so divisive. So very divisive.

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