Trudeau Panders to the Ukrainian Vote in Canada

Shouting Slava Ukraini was obviously done to score political points with the rather large Ukrainian diaspora here in Canada- Part ego for Trudeau undoubtedly, but, also calculated. Very calculated.

Of course this type of grandstanding doesn’t serve any real peace initiative.

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Given the Ukrainians’ founding role in this most Canadian form of politics, it was inevitable that at some point Canada would manage to out-Ukrainian the Ukrainians themselves. And this week, it happened.

And the Canadian leadership is still pandering to the interests of this group

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There is nothing more disgusting then watching leaders of “liberal democracies” ( the US, the EU, the UK and Canuckistan ) playing to domestic politics with the lives of other nations…I wonder who the target audience was when Trudeau kissed the Pope, certainly not the Pontiff …happy Canada day

Trudeau’s stunt was weird. The other politicians looked perplexed.
Since the Ukrainians are dying in droves in Ukraine, it seemed sensible this was a signal to Ukrainians in Canada.

Trudeau kissed the Pope? Yah, that’s a weird situation because he is the black Pope in my book (I’m not referencing skin colour)
The white pope continues to live- this guy was head of the Jesuits
article below talks about the three popes

Francis is surely the most woke Pope I’ve ever seen!
I’m not up enough on the symbolism of a these roles, but, when Francis came to the forefront while the other Pope was still alive (name escapes me) It seemed to me some great shift was and has occurred.

I know we have this medieval custom of kissing the pope’s holy ring but Justin went right in and did both cheeks…. the first Jesuit pope did not look amused.
Doesn’t mean much I suppose except as an indication of Trudeau’s grandstanding. He seems determined to steal the spotlight so that he’s seen as something more than what he is…a US / NATO puppy dog .

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