Israel’s Dodgy Dossier

No evidence for allegations

Channel 4 noted Monday that all 13,000 of UNRWA’s Gaza employees’ names “have been checked against the U.N. terrorism list and, as recently as last May, were vetted and approved by Israel.”

Ashish Prashar, a spokesperson for Gaza Voices, said in response to the new reporting that “we now know that the document used to suspend funding to UNRWA ‘provides no evidence.'”

“This is the latest campaign in a decades-long attack on UNRWA by Israel and a subset of the broader campaign to eliminate the Palestinian refugee issue,” said Prashar. “People in Gaza are starving, and because of spurious allegations made in a dodgy dossier, they will experience worse hunger. This scandal should lead to resignations from officials in the U.S., UK, Germany, and elsewhere who all suspended funding to a besieged people experiencing a genocide as a result of a baseless accusation by the génocidaires themselves.”

But questions about the reliability of the purported intelligence cited in the Israeli dossier have been swirling since the details of its contents began to trickle out in the press late last month. Citing one unnamed senior Israeli official, Axiosreported that “the intelligence is a result of interrogations of militants who were arrested during the Oct. 7 attack.”

Israeli forces have repeatedly been accused by U.N. experts and human rights groups of using torture to extract forced confessions from Palestinian detainees.

“The fact that the U.S., U.K., and several other Western governments instantly attacked UNRWA on the orders of a genocidal foreign government (based on bogus claims) should make you very worried about your own democracy,” Craig Mokhiber, a former U.N. official who resigned over the global institution’s failure to stop Israel’s assault on Gaza, wrote Tuesday.

I’m past the worried about democracy here in Canada- We went down fascist garden path, quite brutally during Covid.

Stopping UNRWA Aid Would be Condemning Gazans to Death- Exactly!

French war doctor Raphael Pitti, who has been active in the Gaza Strip for over two weeks, said Gazans are already enduring extreme conditions, and are deprived of food.

If you stop the only system (UNRWA) that ensures food supplies, has its own network, and has its storage … you would be condemning Gazans to death,” Pitti told lawmakers, according to a video Portes shared on X.

Pitti said that apart from 27,000 casualties, 2 million people are being stripped of their dignity. “This is humanely unacceptable,” he added.

It’s not unacceptable to western powers- US/UK/Canada/Australia/France/Germany. Israel is certainly unconcerned.

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