US Sanctions Israeli Settlers- Netanyahu is unconcerned


The US move is inconsequential in my opinionMore like a window dressing. Which may explain the response attributed to Netanyahu.


U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday issued an executive order that targets Israeli settlers in the West Bank who have been accused of attacking Palestinians and Israeli peace activists in the occupied territory, imposing financial sanctions and visa bans in an initial round against four individuals.

Those settlers were involved in acts of violence, as well as threats and attempts to destroy or seize Palestinian property, according to the order. The penalties aim to block the four from using the U.S. financial system and bar American citizens from dealing with them. U.S. officials said they were evaluating whether to punish others involved in attacks that have intensified during the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel acts against all Israelis who break the law, everywhere; therefore, exceptional measures are unnecessary.”

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