Trudeau Government Authorized New Military Exports To Israel After October 7

Non lethal simply means we’re under no obligation to specify what was sent

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) admitted in a statement sent to The Maple this week that it has authorized new permits for unspecified military exports to Israel since October 7.

However, the statement continued: “The permits which have been granted since October 7, 2023, are for the export of non-lethal equipment [Emphasis added].”

GAC’s statement is the first time it has publicly admitted to authorizing new exports of military goods to Israel since October 7.

GAC did not respond to a follow-up request asking for it to clarify what it means by “non-lethal equipment.” GAC also did not provide any information on the quantity or value of the equipment that it authorized for export, or which of Canada’s Export Control List (ECL) categories the goods fall under.

In previous public statements regarding transfers of military equipment to Ukraine, GAC has described items such as rifle scopes, laser range finders and tactical gear as “non-lethal.”

GAC’s statement noted that export-controlled items include products designed for both civilian and military purposes, but gave no indication that the exports to Israel authorized since October 7 fall into that category.

Canada has sent military goods of some sort to Israel. While cutting funds to UNRWA.

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