ICJ Ruling Announcement Friday Jan 26/24

The International Court of Justice will announce on Friday whether it will impose an emergency order on Israel to require it to take action to prevent a possible genocide in Gaza.

The world court, based in The Hague, says it will hold a public sitting at 1 p.m. local time on Friday, in which the court’s president, Joan Donoghue of the United States, will read the court’s order.

The controversial case has sparked political divisions around the world, but South Africa’s legal team has argued that the court application is the only way to end the suffering of the people of Gaza in the devastating war that began in October.

South Africa has asked the court to issue an emergency order requiring Israel to prevent “irreparable harm” to Gaza’s people by halting its military offensive in Gaza and lifting its siege of the Palestinian territory. It argues that Israel’s siege and bombing campaign could be a violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention, and it says Israel has a legal obligation under the convention to take steps to prevent a genocide.

The ruling on emergency measures will be decided by a majority of the court’s 17 judges, including two temporary judges who were appointed for this case from South Africa and Israel. The other judges, aside from Ms. Donoghue, are from a range of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Pacific.

We’ll see what this decision is tomorrow.

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The ICJ has a chance tomorrow to live up to it’s name and it’s lofty ideals.
A ruling in favor of the SA case could galvanize world opinion even further than it already is. Even though Israel and the US will ignore any ramifications it could be another brick in the wall of Zionist isolation. A ruling denying genocide would serve to show how subservient “International Law” is to the cabal of western colonizers and globalists.
Either way we shouldn’t expect too much instant ‘justice’.
It does not look good that an American was chosen to deliver the ruling.
Is it still permitted to cross one’s fingers in the forlorn hope that some peace might ensue ?

I’m guarded about the announcement. It’s a tricky situation.
The ICJ may come out looking very corrupt if it doesn’t rule in favour of SA, because world opinion is really galvanized towards a ceasefire and a return of territory for a proper place for the Palestinians.
Of course if they don’t than we’ll hear or read about anti semitism being a problem- as a way to distract from what is being done to the Palestinians
Definitely no expectation of instant justice, because even if the ICJ rules in SA’s favour.. The US and Israel will continue on with this ethnic cleansing.

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