Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant- IAEA Update

Yesterday, I read one heck of a twisted narrative regarding this most recent inspection- Preferring to cut to the chase and go to original source here’s the latest on the most recent inspection– IAEA

On Friday last week, the ZNPP had not given permission for the IAEA Support and Assistance Mission to the ZNPP (ISAMZ) team to access the unit 6 reactor hall, proposing instead that the team enter the area in about a week’s time. However, access was granted yesterday. Director General Grossi welcomes this constructive step.

While in the reactor hall, the team observed main components of the reactor, confirming the cold shutdown state of the reactor. While the team was present in the reactor hall, the operators transferred the operation of the cooling pumps of the spent fuel pool from one safety train to another.

During a walkdown to the other areas of unit 6 yesterday, the team visited the turbine hall of unit 6 but were once again denied access to some areas of the hall. The IAEA ISAMZ teams have been unable to access all parts of the turbine hall of each unit since 18 October last year.

I’m not going to assume nefarious reasons for the denial of access to some areas of the hall- It could just be a safety concern? We have no way of knowing.

The team also visited the safety system rooms of unit 6 to again assess the status of the boric acid deposits previously found. During its visit, the team observed the presence of boric acid deposits in three rooms. The IAEA experts also visited the unit 6 emergency diesel generators.

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Twisted narrative Indeed, very suspicious, another predictive program and mis direction, they are so stupid as the populations they repeat over and over the narrative. Why don’t people use critical thinking, and understand this pattern? Let’s guess the next false flag. I know they have many different ones planned.

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