Stoltenberg Tells Erdogan “the time has come” to let Sweden into NATO

NATO is not a defensive alliance. And it never has been.

Stoltenberg told The Associated Press that he urged Turkey to finalize the process as he met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday on the sidelines of the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.

“I met with President Erdogan this morning and I reiterated my message that the time has come to finalize the accession process for Sweden,” he said.

Turkey and Hungary are the only NATO countries that have not yet formally approved Sweden’s accession bid.

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there has been much weirdness going on behind the scenes of my site. I’m not sure who or why. First bandwidth was being consumed at a pace far beyond the legit traffic. A DOS attack? Had to block suspicious IP’s
And now I’ve dropped off the radar completely.

I don’t get this kind of stuff- but hope my more persistent readers are still here with me?

I read here every day (if there is something new). Only those who are too close to the truth will be censored (a knighthood, so to speak) 😉

Thanks Gallier the Elder
I’m glad to know your still here.
Censorship. It’s always rearing it’s ugly head but if that’s how I’ve earned this knighthood, I’m takin’ it.
And will keep plugging away.

That said I just don’t see this site as controversial, nor did I see my censored site as controversial either?
Questioning, yes!
Perhaps therein lies the controversy?

I’m still here also, Penny. Didn’t have any trouble accessing your site just now, but will let you know if. Seems you’re doing something right if somebody wants to stop you 😉

Forge on Penny,
we are still here, sometimes silent as we face up to the horrors of war. The truth will out, I cling to seemingly irrational hope. You are a part of that hope.

Behind the scenes site management is not my strong suit. I’ve been learning as I go since beginning this specific site.
When forced to block IP’s I’m second guessing myself, so I keep it to obvious problems- like when one IP is making thousands of hits on the site. Then I’ve got a problem..
That’s what was going on late October, into November. Never know why this stuff happens. It isn’t a first either.
Now, it seems the other extreme is at hand..
I understand Google is more or less then hand that rules the net..
Shouldn’t be that way, but, since I started the original Penny blog in 08. it’s obvious the censorship/control of information has gotten more extreme. As the internet becomes more and more of a commercial/profit making medium.
Anyway.. I’ll continue on. Because I still enjoy doing this geopolitical digging and analyzing at this time 🙂

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