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For propaganda purposes it absolutely makes sense Israel would create a site such as this- There’s always a war on for your mind.

The counterfeit Hamas website, which was registered by an Israeli software company, is being used by the government to promote anti-Palestinian propaganda.


A website being shared by official Israeli government accounts on social media over the past week purporting to be a page for the Palestinian group Hamas has been debunked as a counterfeit website.

The URL ‘’ has been widely shared online by the Israeli government accounts and spokespeople on X, formerly Twitter, in an apparent move to push people to “learn” about Hamas’s mission and October 7 attacks.

But social media users and investigative journalists have pointed out that the site is fake and does not belong to the official Hamas group. The Palestinian militant group’s official website, which follows the State of Palestine internet country code ‘.ps’ appears to be offline

The counterfeit website being shared by Israeli government accounts and other social media users appears to promote Hamas’s killings of around 1,200 Israelis during the October 7 attack and the estimated 240 Israeli and foreign citizens kidnapped. Since then, over 14,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in a brutal ground and aerial bombardment of Gaza.

A Community Note has now been added on twitter- So how many people were sucked down the disinfo pipeline with this fake site?

A Community Note – a new X feature which allows users to add context to posts in an attempt to counter disinformation – has been attached to it which states that the website is not controlled by Hamas.

To add further discredit, according to a page on the public internet domain registry GoDaddy, the registrar URL of the website is, an Israeli software company based in Tel Aviv.

According to an article published on 20 November by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the website was created by Israeli citizens: “Israelis Hijack, Turning It Into a Display of October 7 Atrocities”.

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I looked at the site, Penny, and was shocked that anybody at all could entertain and portray such absolutely sick ideas, broadcasting their own warped mental state to the whole world. Whatever Israeli created this montage sorely needs psychiatric help. What an evil length to have gone to in order to justify Israel’s hatred of anything unlike itself.

All one has to do is look at the maps and see the shrinkage of the lands occupied by Arabs and now see the massive numbers of Arab deaths to realize what’s really going on. Some Israelis apparently have gone mad trying to justify their hatred of anyone unlike themselves.

The images portrayed and the descriptions of them could only have come from a very sick mind, if not a downright evil one.

As I’ve said before, however, any society that votes into power a disgusting criminal like Netanyahu could not possibly have had all their marbles in the first place.

You are braver than I!
I read about the content and avoided the site.
Yes, all one has to do is look at the maps- The maps speak of the reality of the situation

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