‘Powerful’ Russian Attacks on Fatigued Ukraine Are Imminent: Zelensky

Mark mentioned the stockpiling of missiles in a comment from a few days ago..


Excerpts below;

Russia will soon be launching “more powerful” strikes on Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said, as Kyiv stares down “fatigue” and the brunt of the harsher winter conditions in its war against Moscow.

“As winter approaches, there will be more Russian attempts to make the strikes more powerful,” Zelensky said in his daily evening address on Saturday.

“These last months, Russia has been using its missiles sparingly and should again have accumulated a decent stock of them,” Frederik Mertens, a strategic analyst with the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, told Newsweek in late October. “Its most logical target would be Kyiv’s energy infrastructure and the most logical moment when it is needed the most,” he added.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian officials said Russia had stockpiled around 800 missiles on the Moscow-controlled Crimean peninsula for winter strikes against Ukraine’s energy sector.

Russian forces have built up supplies of sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles and Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles in Crimea, said Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s southern forces. Russia is “clearly accumulating their missile potential,” Humeniuk said in remarks reported by Ukrainian media on Thursday.

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