U.S. Strikes Targets in Syria as Israel-Hamas War Escalates

This was expected. Israeli strikes in Gaza against Hamas (Israel’s proxy) were inevitably going to give cover to wider war. How much wider will this go- Dangerous. Insane. The US has struck eastern Syria to protect their PKK proxies who are lovingly ensconced in the stolen and ethnically cleansed territory

Foreign Policy

On Thursday, the United States executed airstrikes against two Iranian-backed militant targets in eastern Syria. According to the U.S. Defense Department, two F-16 fighter jets targeted a weapons and ammunition storage facility funded by Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Iran/Hamas Connection is largely spin in my opinion. Hamas bashed Assad every chance they could- Hamas, Israel and Qatar that’s a different story.

Let’s go back to 2012

On Friday, the head of the Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, declared his support for Syrian people against President Bashar al-Assad.

Breaking Defense

The US has made no secret it holds Iran responsible for the actions of its regional proxies, but experts told Breaking Defense Tehran's level of control can vary from group to group.

Earlier this month, purported (weasel word) Iran-back militias in Iraq that fall under the banner of “Islamic Resistance,” claimed responsibility for attacks on US military bases at al-Tanf and Malikiyah in Syria and air base Ain Al Asad in Iraq, that used loitering munitions. Altogether, the US said there have been at least 13 attacks on US interests in Iraq and Syria in recent days. One American contractor died of a cardiac event during one attack, but otherwise none have been fatal.

13 attacks on US interests and no fatalities from the strikes themselves but one killer for higher had a heart attack.

These militias are likely a rebranded version of ISIS- or KurdIShIS

“The control varies, with some groups closely tied to Iran and other less so.

“In regards to whether or not Iran is directly controlling or ordering these attacks, the answer is that at least some of them are probably getting direction from the [the Iranian military group]

But like Hezbollah, Tehran so far does not appear eager to wade into a larger conflict in the Middle East

So the US and Israel intend to drag them into the conflict via attacks on Syria and Lebanon

To the contrary, carrier groups were called to Eastern Mediterranean for deterrence purposes. And just Thursday the US Missile Defense Agency publicized a successful test of its ship-based missile defense systems that was apparently able to knock out several incoming threats at once.

The exercise surely was planned months in advance, but it comes at an opportune moment perhaps as a show of force for any Iran-backed proxies considering making a move against the maritime force.

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