Karabakh’s Billionaire Banker/ Leader Ruben Vardianian Arrested

This arrest really caught my eye. Billionaire. Banker. Politician. Strangely individuals with these attributes seem to be well represented in suspicious dealings, globally. Oh sure, the names and places may change, but, there is always this consistency. Like a stream that runs through and connects what superficially seems divergent or dissimilar, but isn’t!

What we’re talking about here is most likely yet another war lord/ Oligarch. Ukraine has or has had these same types individuals in leadership roles? Think of the Jewish/Ukrainian citizens, often dual nationals that fund the Nazi Azov/Adir battalions Ihor Kolomoysky

Billionaire, Business, Bankers, Warlords
Shady Private Armies Take the Field

In March, members of the private army backed by tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky showed up at the headquarters of the state-owned oil company, UkrTransNafta

Many of these paramilitary groups are accused of abusing the citizens they are charged with protecting. Amnesty International has reported that the Aidar battalion — also partially funded by Kolomoisky — committed war crimes, including illegal abductions, unlawful detention, robbery, extortion and even possible executions.

Azov and Aidar

Don’t worry, here in Canada we pretend these private armies don’t exist and aren’t committing all manner of horrendous abuses- Past or present.

So, what about this specific billionaire banker Ruben Vardianian who was fleeing hidden among those leaving Karabakh?

I’ve been digging into all manner of information since 2008. Actually longer than that, but, officially, that’s when my first, now censored by big tech site started me down the path of auto didactic learning, in earnest.

After those many years of reading and writing and reading and writing more… one begins to see repeating patterns- persons, behaviours- different names and places but nearly always the same scenarios

Who is Ruben Vardianian?

Ruben Vardianian is not a Russian Citizen. The obfuscating media is implying he is but that does not seem to be the case. He is an Armenian Citizen for certain. Wonder if he holds citizenship with any other nation?

Perhaps the US?- He studied at Harvard, allegedly

Ruben also pursued an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School, although the years of enrollment for this degree are not specified.

Vardanyan met Noubar Afeyan, a Boston-based entrepreneur of Armenian heritage, while studying at Harvard.

Coincidentally, Ruben Vardianian got wealthy plundering the former Soviet Union after the fall, alongside an American banker. The timing is impeccable. Well connected. Right place, right time and all that.

Troika Dialog’s Founder Ruben Vardanian on Building Russia’s First Investment Bank

Troika Dialog, founded in 1991. Its subsidiary, Troika Dialog USA, an SEC-regulated firm based in New York, serves Western institutional clients. Ruben K. Vardanian is president and CEO of Troika Dialog. In 1991, at age 22, he and a small group of Russian students specializing in finance, along with American banker Peter Derby, founded Troika Dialog, Russia’s first investment bank.

Ruben Vardanian, former Troika Dialog CEO: a grumbling optimist
Ronald Freeman was head of banking at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the 1990s after the break-up of the Soviet Union when he first worked with Ruben Vardanian; 

So, at the age of just 22 Ruben Vardanian fortuitously stumbles in banking, alongside a prominent American Banker. In Russia. After the fall of the USSR. He’s a humanitarian of some sort as well. And this humanitarian, billionaire, banker, businessman who happens to be well connected somehow ends up leading the break away bunch in Nagarno Karabakh.

This guy is right place, right time, all the time! However, his luck may have run out… for now.

Azerbaijan arrests Armenian billionaire fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh

Russian-Armenian billionaire Ruben Vardanyan, who briefly held a top political job in the self-proclaimed state of Nagorno-Karabakh, has been arrested while attempting to leave the breakaway enclave, after Azerbaijan seized control of the region. The former banking executive, who has ties to Russian oligarchs and politicians but moved to Karabakh last year, was arrested by Azerbaijani security services as he was making his way out of the mountainous region alongside thousands of refugees.

During this time, Vardanyan, who served for four months as state minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh until February this year, remained inside the tiny enclave.

More than 50,000 people have fled to Armenia in the past four days, exiting through a border checkpoint set up by Azerbaijan during the blockade. Most have exited with ease, but fears remain widespread that border guards are seeking out and could detain members of Karabakh’s elite. Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev last week described the Karabakh elite as a “criminal junta” and said those who had committed war crimes would be “brought to justice”.

Not a Russian citizen

Dmitry Peskov, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, said on Wednesday that Moscow was prepared to defend Vardanyan’s rights if he were still a Russian citizen, but added it would be “another matter” if the oligarch had given up his Russian passport. A spokesperson for Vardanyan confirmed that the businessman was a citizen of Armenia but not of Russia. Vardanyan relinquished his Russian passport and arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh shortly before the blockade began last year. In November, he was appointed its first minister.

Vardanyan attempted to overthrow the leadership in Karabakh

The billionaire’s move to Nagorno-Karabakh, however, was part of plans to burnish his influence in Armenian politics, according to three people familiar with the matter. Armenia was largely ruled by members of a Karabakh clan in the first decades after the Soviet Union’s collapse before current prime minister Nikol Pashinyan swept to office in a velvet revolution in 2018. Within a few months of Vardanyan’s appointment as state minister, Nagorno-Karabakh’s de facto president dismissed him — the result, according to two of the people, of the billionaire’s failed attempt to seize power in a coup.

Within a few months of Vardanyan’s appointment as state minister, Nagorno-Karabakh’s de facto president dismissed him — the result, according to two of the people, of the billionaire’s failed attempt to seize power in a coup

The ministry spokesperson said there had been no contact with Vardanyan since Tuesday. Azerbaijan’s border service said Vardanyan was “detained at the Lachin exit point on the state border”. “He was brought to Baku,” the agency added, and “has been handed over to the relevant state authorities”.

Truth is always so much stranger than fiction

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Sounds like a banker, billionaire, politician/warlord has run out of luck. His billions won’t add up to much when he’s buying cigarettes 2 at a time in some shit hole Armenian prison. ( Peskov’s Kremlin approved reaction is classic Russian ironic humour )
The Chinese prosecute their corrupt billionaire bankers and it ends very badly for them.
In the West billionaires (even millionaires ) get plea deals, reduced sentences, short confinement in country club spas followed by media rehabilitation and ‘humanitarian’ awards.
Bob Dylan once mumbled in a song :
“Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king.”
But even Dylan was plagiarizing.

I meant to say that Vardianian would languish in an Azerbaijani jail , not an Armenian one.
I suppose it was a subconscious error in an effort to not have to spell out ” Azerbaijani”.

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