Russia will compensate for damage from inaction in Karabakh by toppling Pashinyan in Armenia within next three days?

The headline to this article is as stated above. The question mark is my inclusion, because, to me this is a question, not a statement of fact. That all said, it’s an interesting opinion. The question marks included are statements I find questionable. What do you think?

Lansing Institute

The developments in Karabakh will lead to the overthrow of the Pashinyan government in Armenia and the establishment of a pro-Moscow regime in Armenia.(?)

According to our data, Russia was aware of Azerbaijan’s impending operation in Karabakh (?)and deliberately took a position of non-intervention, sabotaging its peacekeeping functions.(?) Thus, Russia has further strengthened Turkey’s influence in the Caucasus.(?)

Pashinyan has become a nuisance for Putin and the latter has long been waiting for the right moment to topple the Armenian government.

Like, just recently Pashinyan’s become a nuisance or more like there’s nothing new under the sun sort of becoming a nuisance?

The Kremlin believes that the loss of Karabakh could become the pretext for pushing the Karabakh clan in Yerevan toward a coup to overthrow Pashinyan. The clan consists of Armenian ethnic nationalists supervised by Russian military intelligence since the outset of the conflict in Karabakh in the 1980s, including ex-prime minister Robert Kocharyan and ex-president Serzh Sargsyan. For this purpose, combat groups that are already deployed in Yerevan were transferred to Armenia.(?) During mass rallies, likely to unfold on September 23-24, a series of terrorist attacks have been plotted to provoke even wider unrest in the capital of Armenia, which will lead to an attempt to seize a government quarter, which was tested out just recently. An attack on the Russian embassy is also expected to create a fog around the operation to conceal Moscow’s involvement and accuse Washington of destabilizing the country and the entire region. Russian military intelligence teams will take control of Yerevan’s central part.

The position of Pashinyan, who advocates normalization, harms the interests of the “Karabakh clan” and its influence in the Armenian political life, which makes this clan Moscow’s ally. (???)

The “Karabakh clan” is trying to sabotage the normalization process along the Baku-Yerevan line in order to put Pashinyan in a difficult position, “demonize” Azerbaijan, and play nationalist sentiments existing in Armenia in order to overthrow

In the conflict with Azerbaijan, Armenia expected Russia’s backing within the CSTO. (Why? Russia did not assist last time- makes no sense) However, the Kremlin chose to snub Armenia since officials in Moscow consider relations with Turkey more important than supporting their CSTO ally.

By overthrowing Pashinyan, Moscow will also send a warning to Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev, who may also be mulling a scenario of pulling from the organization and jumping under China’s security umbrella. (Don’t see that as accurate)

Regardless of the future scenario of Armenia’s membership in the CSTO, Russia took a step that is rather risky for itself, by completely discrediting the idea of any defense and political union, ( It’s already been mentioned why Russia does not get involved in the Karabakh issue) and also showing that Moscow places relations with regional leaders (Turkey) above treaty obligations. (There was no treaty obligation, regarding NK so that statement is a no go) The Kremlin’s apparent reluctance to ensure Armenia’s security and the inaction of the Russian military contingent in Karabakh, posing as peacekeepers, sends a clear signal to Moscow’s few remaining allies that Russia has become an unreliable partner.

Moscow sent a message to Turkey they are unreliable though they showed preference to Turkey? That’s contradictory.

If Pashinyan is tossed over the next couple days- It will be the Armenian military and the western allies ensconced in Yerevan.

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