BBC ‘urgently looking’ into Russell Brand allegations?


I’m going to include the actual Globe and Mail headline

Russell Brand: BBC ‘urgently looking’ into rape and sexual assault allegations against comedian

Note how the Globe and Mail includes specific unproven allegations in the headline in order to sensationalize the report.

Let’s now look at two interesting factual bits of information

Britain’s BBC said on Sunday it was “urgently looking into the issues” raised by allegations of sexual assault…. against a former employee who worked “worked on BBC radio programmes between 2006 and 2008.”

London’s Metropolitan Police said it had not received any reports in relation to the allegations.

So the BBC is urgently looking into issues, raised against an individual who was employed between 2006 -2008. That is 14-16 years ago, although NO police reports in relation to the allegations have been received/made.

It’s just trial by media including the Canadian media. The media is very good in creating narratives. All the time.

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