Russell Brand Accused

I’m no fan of Russell Brand. Listened once to him. That was it. He’s got his opinion, like we all do. I understand he’s been courting controversy for some time- I guess we’re all guilty of that some of the time, though it may actually be none of the time. However one defines controversy or controversial?

All that said something in the coverage of these accusations has certainly piqued my interest


The women said that they only felt ready to tell their stories after being approached by reporters, with some citing Brand's newfound prominence as an online wellness influencer as a factor in their decision to speak.

What does that read like to you? My reading as follows?

Media is looking to promote sexual titillation in order to sell advertising because sex sells

– They reach out to these women? How did they know who they were and where to contact them?

And the women, suddenly felt compelled to tell their stories after that contact.?

Brand also suggested that the reports were part of a coordinated attack designed to discredit him because of his views.Citing as well Mr Brand’s newfound prominence?

That’s certainly how things appear based on the media coverage regarding how these women’s sudden desire and urgency to tell all

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There is something very fishy going on here. We share the same feelings towards Brand. His energy has always been a tad too manic for my peace of mind. However we feel about him is of no nevermind though when it comes to this. I would not be surprised if something was behind this simply due to his past madness which he has taken amazing steps to tone down. His politics, I have seen a few of his videos a few years ago, are pretty dangerous. I forget if he names names but he certainly is fearless in facing the powers that be. He has made enemies. He has expressed and exposed some of the major “scandals” of our time in terms of world issues.
He is being “grabbed by the pussy-ed” and being taught a lesson. To sit back in his study and shut up. They dug these stories up; almost every star has them in the background. Maybe he just stopped playing the game? I mean disobeying and needed to be put back in his place. Consider him lucky to not hang himself in some bizarre manner?

Hey Snippets
” His energy has always been a tad too manic for my peace of mind”
Exactly! If it’s exhausting to listen to, I find it hard to listen.
You’re right, how we feel about his mannerisms or style makes no difference- And yes he does have a checked past, which from my reading he’s quite open about.
What caught my attention is the strange reporting.
The way this came about?
The media contacting these persons? How did this come about?
The alleged victims stating that his new found prominence was the impetus in coming forward? Which makes this sound/read more like a take down of some sorts.

Something’s not right in this narrative

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