Another Ukrainian Fabrication Bites the Dust

I’d seen the original reporting on this one- It seemed off. Very off. Someone or a number of someones lied to create some anti Russian propaganda.

Case of attempted murder of 10-year-old Ukrainian boy in Germany may be closed as new details have emerged

A prosecutor’s office in Germany investigating an attack on a Ukrainian boy on a bridge in Einbeck, Lower Saxony, has reported a new version of events.

The initial account was a fantastic tale- I’m using fantastic to mean fanciful and absurd. A fabrication to manage perceptions. That same type of fantastic story telling takes place in Canada too. I’ll remind readers after we read the new details that are emerging in this attempted murder claim

The initial account of the attempted murder of the Ukrainian boy was based on eyewitness testimonies, traces of blood on the steel beams of the bridge, and hospital data. 

The prosecutor’s office subsequently discovered that the boy’s initial testimony was false.

The boy lied.

The prosecutor’s office asserts that the boy initially gave a false testimony. The child was allegedly afraid of how his parents would react to his dirty clothes and injuries he had sustained to his leg while playing.

Doubtful the parents would be angry about a child getting dirty or hurt- other than in a be careful sort of way Not credible

According to the prosecutor’s office, the man did throw a bottle in the boy’s direction, but it has not been established whether this was deliberate and whether the bottle hit the boy. 

According to the prosecutors office a bottle was thrown in the boy’s direction, but, it’s not been nor will it ever be established if this was intentional or if the bottle hit the boy

Whether the language conflict played a role in the dispute was not investigated in detail.

Not investigated because it was a lie

Given this new information, the case is likely to be closed, the prosecutor’s office said.

It was not specified whether the man who confronted the children has been identified.

The man likely doesn’t exist. This appears to be a lie from start to finish. Better to close this pathetic attempt at propaganda as quick as possible. The tall tale was no longer needed the initial lie accomplished what it had set out to do.

Canada’s version of the attack a child psyop

The family said this and the family said that- They made accusations- Which were denied. And then the whole thing went away. It looked as if some individual was looking for attention, while having a heaping full serving of entitlement soupquoting the narrative planted by one individual

Starr told CBC News

Starr said she then intervened

Then the gentleman started insisting that I provide documentation in the form of a certificate proving that my daughter was born a girl,” Starr said.

Starr added

Starr said

“I said (Starr, again) … ‘Are you asking for a certificate proving…..

Starr said several parent

Starr shared the incident on Facebook

Starr said

So, Starr laid out the claim, supported her own narrative, went on facebook to bolster it and then as suddenly as the whole child attack exploded onto the media scene, international and domestic, the narrative went away after causing the initial uproar to manipulate it’s intended audience. I’ve not heard or read anything on this incident since. Have you?

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