Prigozhin Death Confirmed? Prigozhin Alive?

I was half expecting this man to turn up alive. As he’d done before. However, Russia has confirmed his death. The latest news suggests Putin will not be attending the funeral.

We’ll use the LATimes for the latest

Vladimir Putin is not planning to attend the funeral of mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, following reports that the mercenary chief who challenged the Russian president’s authority would be buried Tuesday.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov wouldn’t say where or when the chief of the Wagner military company would be buried, adding that he couldn’t comment on a private family ceremony.

St. Petersburg’s Fontanka news outlet and some other media said Prigozhin, 62, could be laid to rest at the city’s Serafimovskoye cemetery, which has been used for high-profile military burials. On Tuesday, heavy police cordons encircled the cemetery, where Putin’s parents are also buried, but no service was immediately held. Increased police presence was also reported at some other city cemeteries.

So, clearly there is an attempt to keep this ceremony private.

A preliminary U.S. intelligence assessment concluded that an intentional explosion caused the plane to go down, and Western officials have pointed to a long list of Putin’s foes who have been assassinated. The Kremlin rejected Western allegations that the Russian president was behind the crash as an “absolute lie.”

How the intelligence conclusion is being made is unknown. It’s a conclusion that supports the narrative provided from the get go, so, take it with a grain of salt. Not to say it’s not correct, it may just be correct, just to say it’s the conclusion that would or should have been expected.

Still someone claims Prigozhin is alive

A Russian political analyst has claimed warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin is alive after his body double was killed in last week’s plane crash – not the Wagner chief himself.

Prigozhin is ‘alive, well, and free’ in an unnamed country, according to Dr Valery Solovey, even as Russia stages his funeral which Vladimir Putin is refusing to attend.

Prigozhin is now plotting his revenge, says the political analyst, a former professor at Moscow’s prestigious Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], a training school for spies and diplomats.

Dr Solovey accuses the Russian authorities of lying over Prigozhin’s DNA being found at the crash site in Tver region, while being aware the bid to kill the Wagner supremo had failed because a body double – which the warlord was known to use – got on the plane in his place.

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Mark: I was thinking about the futility in Russia attempting to establish any sort of truth narrative or to counter the western narrative on the Prigozhin plane crash/death or non death.
I can’t even imagine how this could be accomplished in such a toxic media environment-
Just sharing thoughts

Yes, it seems that Russophobia in the West has erected an iron curtain around Russia that precludes any rational exchange of information. Logical surmise has no place in this atmosphere of distrust.
The story of Prigozhin’s survival, escape and resurrection has deep roots in the bowels of Russian history. Such fantasies are the cornerstone of hero worship, continued resistance and wish fulfillment.
Check this out…nothing is “new” in history….the story of the ” False Dmitry .”

It is best to pay scant attention to the latest spin of our own press
‘influencers’ and to evaluate closely the opinions of the vast majority of humans ( i.e. – the Global South ).
The truth is hard to find amidst the cackle of circling hyenas.

To something completely different.
There’s an ongoing putsch in Gabon. Ali Bongo has fled the country to Morocco. There were presidential elections last week and most polls showed the runner up (Albert Ondo Ossa) as victorious. Bongo nonetheless proclaimed victory which triggered the military to annul the election result, to shut down completely the gouvernment. The Internet and phone lines had been suspended last week (by Bongo). It has been re-established. Afaict (and afamwct (as far as my wife can tell) she just was awake whole night in contact with family) no violence occured yet. I have no idea what France plans to do, as Gabon was the last colony that seemed part of the “Françafrique” network.
People in Gabon are fed up by 60 years of Bongo family reign. I have no idea, who is behind the putschists though (color revolution? brics? no idea). If I manage to find something I will inform you.
PS: my mail is a scoop, European media are still stuck on the “Bongo won the election” and only slowly start to mention the military coup.

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