99% of ‘Covid deaths’ not primarily caused by the virus, CDC data shows

The number of deaths attributed to Covid have always been exaggerated. Greatly. To increase the fear factor.

Daily Mail

Nearly 99 percent of ‘Covid deaths’ reported by the CDC each week are not primarily caused by the virus, official data shows.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Covid dashboard shows just 1.7 percent of the 324 Covid deaths registered in the week ending August 19 had the coronavirus as the primary cause of death.

The primary or underlying cause of death is defined as the disease, situation or event that initiated the chain of events directly resulting in death.

I’m going to wager this has always been the case. A very minimal amount of “covid deaths” have actually been because of this virus. It seems to me that the vaccine has likely killed and injured more people than this virus every really did.

Again, everything was fear mongering by the media to increase fear levels, generate demand for and increase vaccine uptake for big pharma profits. As well as the coerced acceptance of mass human experimentation.

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