“Alarming Study Finds Microplastics in Human Heart and Blood Stream”

This news didn’t come a surprise and was neither shocking or startling

Researchers at Capital Medical University, in Beijing, shed new light on the issue by collecting heart tissues from patients undergoing cardiac surgeries. While plastics were not found in every sample, there were nine types of plastic, in five types of heart tissue, according to the study’s abstract.The researchers also found plastic in blood samples from the same patients.  As scientists uncover more and more places, both in and out of the body, where microplastics lurk, there is concern about what the actual impact will be on human health. “It is alarming because we are far into this problem and we still don’t understand the consequences, and it is going to be very difficult to back out of it if we have to,” biochemist Janice Brahney told National Geographic, in May. 

But we do understand the consequences… Let’s not do the phony hand wring schtick!

I wrote about this back at the big tech censored blog initially and some time ago here- when plastic was found in human lungs- First up the article from just over a year ago

From the above post which contains the outbound link to a report from April 22

People were already known to breathe in the tiny particles, as well as consuming them via food and water. Workers exposed to high levels of microplastics are also known to have developed disease.

Microplastics were detected in human blood for the first time in March, showing the particles can travel around the body and may lodge in organs. The impact on health is as yet unknown. But researchers are concerned as microplastics cause damage to human cells in the laboratory and air pollution particles are already known to enter the body and cause millions of early deaths a year.

More than 2-1/2 yrs ago I wrote about this at my big tech censored blog- January 4/2021 to be exact

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The scientists from Wuhan’s Institute of Hydrobiology counted the plastic fibers shed by masks over a month, using a laboratory device that simulated human breathing. They found that masks containing activated carbon produced the highest number of fibers, at nearly 4,000.Those were followed by surgical masks, cotton masks, fashion masks and N95 masks, the brands of which were not specified in the paper. Some of the fibers were several millimeters long, considerably larger than typical particles floating in the air.The health side-effects caused by broken-off fibers were unclear, so although people should be informed of the inhalation risk, they should continue to wear masks, the researchers said.

According to research, plastic degrades slowly, so once in the lungs, it tends to stay there and build up in volume.

Some studies have found that the immune system can attack these foreign objects, causing prolonged inflammation that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

The institute’s study also found that reused masks produced more loosened fibers. The worst structural damage was observed after applying alcohol.

Used masks have also added to litter and recent studies have warned of their contribution to water pollution, potentially adding to the consumption of harmful plastics by humans and animals.

The health side effects of inhaling plastics are detrimental- this is not unclear.

Though the article suggested you continue wearing useless face masks which don’t stop or block your inhalation of this or any virus- but will cause you to inhale cancer inducing, inflammation inducing microplastic fibres into your lungs. Directly. Then the billions of used mask will contribute further to the consumption of harmful plastics

Wear a mask, stop viral spread? Never.

Inhale fibres and microplastics? Increasing your cancer risk? Absolutely!

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