Huge Explosion in Damascus, Syria

Shia Muslims targeted…..

Jerusalem Post

A bomb planted in a taxi exploded outside the Sayeda Zeinab shrine city south of the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, wounding an unspecified number of people, Syrian state media reported.

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Horrendous cowardly attack.
How much do some people have to suffer ?

Smells like a Mossad operation drawing on years of experience in Lebanon, but I am sometimes too quick to hypothesize.

The Islamic State group (IS) claimed responsibility for Thursday’s explosion near the Sayeda Zeinab mausoleum in Damascus.

The Islamic State group (IS) said Friday it was behind a bombing south of the Syrian capital Damascus the day before that killed at least six people and wounded 20.

Thursday’s explosion was near the Sayeda Zeinab mausoleum in Damascus, Syria’s most visited Shia pilgrimage site, and came on the eve of the annual Shia Ashura commemoration.

In a statement on the Telegram messaging app, the jihadist group said some of its fighters breached tight security imposed by the Syrian regime and militias guarding the mausoleum area.

Fixed my comment! (had this stuck in the middle of the article)

Hi Mark see below- the description of ISIS-

*Western Intelligence (Israeli/US probably British and Sunni Muslim allies- Salafist possibly (which does not exclude Kurds)
Not sure who recalls but at one time, probably still, ISIS was at the Syrian/Israeli border- aided by Israel, making attacks into Syria and Israel was providing medical care etc

sounds like cover spin,,,who is IS ? What is the ‘Islamic State’ ? Who created them ? Who and what do they fight for ? Do they fight or just jump in to ‘take credit’ like the White Helmets try to do ?
Proxie forces are there to provide plausible deniability for their controllers.

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