When It Comes to Immunity, You Are What You Eat

Garbage In/Garbage Out
Vaccine pushers don’t want you to think about this reality- Just take their jab, eat fast food and stay indoors!

Research in mice shows gut bacteria feed on common fatty acids, and the byproduct of this process stimulates the rise of immune cells in the gut.
Immune cascade spurred by fatty acid consumption shielded the mice against disease-causing gut bacteria.
Study offers striking demonstration of how diet and gut microbes work together to build the human immune system.

The notion that diet and health are inextricably linked is hardly novel. For millennia, people have known that poor nutrition is responsible for many health problems. But the precise mechanisms that explain just how diet alters the function of our cells, tissues, and organs have remained poorly understood.

People knew this? Did they forget it during Covid? How would or could they have forgotten what humanity has known for millennia? Oh, yes, the lying media convinced them otherwise!

The findings, the team said, detail an intricate interplay between gut microbes, food, and immunity. They also underscore the importance of understanding how individual microbial species in the gut could alter specific organ functions and exercise important effects on health.

“The triad of diet-microbes-immune system has attracted considerable attention, with a paucity of detail to demonstrate how these three components work together,” said study senior author Dennis Kasper, the William Ellery Channing Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and professor of immunology in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School. “We have found one of the clearest demonstrations here of a mechanism underlying how diet and the microbiome build the immune system.”

“We have found one of the clearest demonstrations here of a mechanism underlying how diet and the microbiome build the immune system.”

We already know this! And as a species we’ve long known this. Only because of our sick societal encouraged disconnect from reality can we be convinced otherwise

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Geographically speaking, I am closer. But I am not sure if I am up to date.

As far as I have been taking in. Somethings about a new law which allows police to shoot at suspects if they don’t comply.

The police have exercised that right a bit too trigger happy and the suspects on which they have been exercising on are mainly foreigners.
These are unhappy about that and now you have this.

I am not actively following this at all, so might be more to it than this. But this is what I get from local media.

A 17-year-old teenager has been shot dead by a police officer during a police check. A video proves that the police officers were not exposed to any danger, and so the firing was not justified. This event has led to violent violent reactions. France has now become a powder keg due to the police violence against demonstrators and especially against foreign citizens that has been carried out for years.

In France

According to figures released this morning by a source at the Ministry of the Interior, the outcome of this 4th night of rioting is as follows (figures are subject to change):

➡️ 994 people arrested
➡️ 79 policemen and gendarmes injured
➡️ 2,560 street fires
➡️ 1350 vehicle fires
➡️ 234 fires and damage to public property
➡️ 31 attacks on police stations
➡️ 16 attacks on municipal police stations
➡️ 11 attacks on gendarmerie barracks

Damage figures below those of the previous day, says source

Source: Damieu Rieu

thanks Gallier the Elder- Ive seen some of the videos coming from France and it looks just wild!
If those stats are from the 4th night, were the other 3 nights worse?
I’m suspecting the protest/rioting is running out of steam? Am I mistaken?

I actually did not follow the events in France very closely after the death of the teenager, since I kept it more as a spark in a powder keg than a determining factor. In France, anger has been building up against the political leadership and its instrument of power, the police, since the demonstrations of the yellow vests (who were suppressed with tremendous force), since the arbitrary “anti-Covid measures”, and since the brutal whipping through of the “pension reform”. It surprised me for a long time anyway that there had not yet been an eruption in France. A triggering event was missing to provide an outlet for anger and despair. The deadly police operation in Nanterre seems to be the reason for this. Whether it will lead to a change in the political behavior of the French power holders, I may doubt. I rather see a drift towards a totalitarian regime coming.
I hope that my thoughts on the situation in France are understandable, as English is not one of my common languages. German and French are the main languages that I use regularly. Best regards from the Saarland.

Hello, Gallier the Elder
” I rather see a drift towards a totalitarian regime coming.”

I was listening to some interview, can’t recall where, but the speaker was saying how UK, Canada, France have leadership around the same age and of the same attitude- Disdain for the populace is the best way I can describe it. And we had the convoy here and it was huge and widely supported- look at the money raised from ordinary Canadians and look what the regime of Justin Trudeau did to put that protest down. Shutting down bank accounts, arrests, threats, demonization of protestors and the media was his mouthpiece- The totalitarian aspect of that put down was subtle- I’m worried the next one won’t be.
Your language is good and your thoughts are understood- Best regards to you and yours from, it’s still raining- Canada (sheesh- pouring rain for two days!)
Should settle the so called wildfire issue once and for all. Though arson is doable at any time( Yes, it seems many of those fires were intentionally set)

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