The Curious Jerry Springer

First of all- “reality tv” is a misleading moniker. There is no reality in this form of tell-a-vision. Persons are picked and situations are created to generate the most outrageous and sensational version of ”reality”

I happened to read the news of this man’s passing. And have to admit a few things jumped out at me while reading that news.

Mr Springer was a ‘progressive’ his entire life. A Democrat and former Mayor of Cincinati. The label of “progressive” always begs the question of what it is, exactly, that defines progressive.

Jerry Spring attended Tulane University

Jerry Springer, member of Tulane University’s class of ‘65 and former TV personality, passed away at 79 this morning from pancreatic cancer. 

Springer began his career in politics, working as a presidential campaign advisor to Robert F. Kennedy

Jerry Springer, after attending Tulane University and law school then goes on to be a campaign adviser to Robert F Kennedy. Who was assassinated in 1968.

Springer ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in political science before attending law school at Northwestern University in 1968.

Later, he worked as a political campaign adviser to Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, the younger brother of late President John F. Kennedy and a New York senator and former U.S. attorney general. RFK announced his decision to run for the nation’s highest office in March 1968 — five years after JFK was assassinated as commander-in-chief.

In June 1968, Kennedy himself was assassinated.

Let’s talk about the CIA, ties to the Kennedy assassination, Tulane University and the creation of societal and cultural destroying media.

Tulane University and the CIA

Many leading universities have a Central Intelligence Agency officer working on campus [1], and at Tulane the CIA has been represented by political science professor and former deputy provost of the university Robert S. Robins, an admitted former intelligence officer with major interests in psychiatry and political psychology

Robert S Robins was at Tulane when Jerry Springer got his bachelor's degree in political science.

Tulane was connected to Lee Harvey Oswald. And some highly unusual medical and otherwise experiments

And more

In 1968 Mr Springer is connected to Robert F Kennedy’s run for presidential office. Robert F Kennedy, like his brother, ends up dead.

Mr Springer goes on to create what should only be described as destructive trash TV. The CIA has been known to be the financier and impetus behind many media operations of one sort or another that have been used to reshape society.

There are many books on this subject.

Of course none of what is written above proves that Jerry Springer necessarily had ties to any covert operations, or received questionable funding for his ‘ground breaking’ tell a vision program. It could have all come down to “right place/right time”? Coincidence? Or not?

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We know that “Operation Mockingbird” was “… an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes. Wikipedia.” It was widespread in the news business ( still is ) and latter spread into the ‘entertainment’ business. It was part of the CIA’s agenda to tamper with broadcast standards to promote the psychological titillation of ‘progressive’ content. Jerry Springer’s quick rise to infamy through massive ratings can be seen as evidence of ‘deep state’ backing. It reminded me of another trash show with a ‘spooky’ host. Un-reality TV indeed. See below from 2017 :

Yup, I’m familiar with Chuck Barris, his claims.
I’d first heard of this from the late David McGowan
And I’ve no reason to disbelieve his claims. He would be the perfect candidate for this type of activity- He traveled. Had the distraction of celebrity to obfuscate.
To Jerry Springer— Yes, the meteoric rise of his trash tv can certainly be seen as deep state backing. Factor in all the other history. I’m highly suspicious of exactly who he was and exactly what he was involved in

Hey Corrine
“All the same, could his demise have made RFK Jr. feel comfortable about throwing in his hat for 2024?”

It could have!

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